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Moon gazing….

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As I pondered what to write in my first attempt at blogging, I looked to the moon. This morning, I woke up to it’s powerful yet peaceful glow.  While it shone vibrantly making shadows with the massive old trees in my yard, I was thinking how we don’t really appreciate it’s light. It was eerie and beautiful at the same time and I wished I could just stay home and admire it for writing inspiration. Unfortunately, star gazing or “moon gazing” doesn’t pay the bills so I reluctantly got ready for work.

It’s been a long weekend, not literally but emotionally as I had to say good bye to my four legged friend of seventeen years. The moon made me think of him….how sometimes I would take him out early in the morning and be surprised to see a perfectly circular globe  staring down at us. I think he liked those spooky shadows on the grass. In the end, the sun was not his friend as it made him flinch due to poor eye sight. I’ll miss my friend, his innocent eyes and his not so innocent personality. At the end of his journey on this earth, he mustered up a howl. Maybe he was howling at the moon. I hope he’s dancing under it now.