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Haven’s Door

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On the tip of her tongue the words wait to escape

Though they scream between lines, penning pain to her face

In the dark she is flame, in the light she is dim

Her heart skips…..a beat, she sinks deep into him

In his arms, burdens rise, featherweight floating free

In his eyes she sets sail, anchors thrown to the sea

Under moonlight they dance between shadows and shine

She is tulips in winter, he’s her reason and rhyme

My attempt at Anapestic Tetrameter. Yes, say that 3x. We are playing with meter at dVerse Poets Pub. Bjorn is our host, leading us fearlessly into form poetry at Meeting the Bar. For me, it was a challenge. A bit of a hop, skip and jump from free verse.

Dear Luna

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Into the night I wait for muse of moon

The stars arrange a symphony of silence

I tinker, tally words and thoughts but soon

Dear Luna slips between the haze, defiant


From hinterland the owl bestows a hoot

That echoes in the forests of my mind

I wait for inspiration to take root

As Luna slumbers deep beneath the skies


When midnight mocks the cursor on my page

I revel in the balladry unborn

Though constellations, cryptic they may fade

‘Tis hope that lights the way of the forlorn


Dear Luna stirs behind her quilt of clouds

She scatters dreams for me to read aloud



Written for “Poetry Forms”, a dVerse Poets Pub project.

This is my offering of a sonnet in Shakespearean style. The rhyme scheme is ABAB CDCD EFEF GG.  The structure consists of 3 quatrains, followed by one couplet. The “volta” occurs in the 12th line . I focused on the iambic pentameter and rhyme. Quite the challenge. You can learn more about this form as Bjorn describes in further detail here.

































An Elegy

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That morning
When part of me
Died with you
I was forced to fathom words
So free of logic
They made no impact
“Gone where?”
The entity spread slowly
Like black ink
Across my heart, saturating me
Into dark pools of nothingness
Liquefying my legs so
I crawled and pounded
At the floor for another world
To open up because this one
Was no longer real


I have your boots
Engraved leather, western
I know they danced up storms
Tears of laughter raining
With friends that could barely fit
Into the funeral home
I have your smile
Tucked into mine
I use it for all that
You forgot to smile at
And all that you did


I recycle your dreams
Tarnished and tattered
They still matter
To me
I see you in the clouds
Emblazoned in
Fiery silhouettes
Did you know that
Seagulls float by
With sun speckles of
You on their wings?

cloud for elegy

In memory of my brother


An elegy is “a poem written to lament the loss of someone or something special to you”, as Gayle Walters Rose explains this week at dVerse: Meeting the Bar. Three stages of grief are included – sorrow, admiration and acceptance.

Twilight Affair

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Spills secrets

On cloud canvass

Shades of clementine

Zig- zags of lemon zest

 Layers of cinnamon swirls

Cosmic candlelight dims on cue

Speckles of honey ginger sky gloss

Night covers day in tangerine kisses


For “Meeting the Bar”, Victoria reintroduced the etheree, a form of poetry that ascends from one to ten syllables or words.  A reversed etheree would read from ten to one. These can be alternated and stacked to create a geometrical poem. Drop in and check out more of them at dVerse.

Plain Sailing

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pic for octaine



Some days I’d like to sail away

On diamond studded oceans blue

A dazzle of my dreams come true


Horizons stretch beyond the bay

Stars for tracing, time erasing

Surrender burdens of yesterday


Life starts with taking breaths anew

Some days I’d like to sail away



Over at dVerse, Victoria C. Slotto has introduced the Octain Refrain, originally created by an English poet by the name of Luke Prater. The rhyme scheme is A-b-b,  a-c/c-a,  b-a

Eight syllables per line…I may have an extra one.