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Collaboration for Peace – 10

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Here we are in our tenth week of “Collaboration for Peace”!

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We hope you have enjoyed a peaceful Sunday.



┬ęCandace Kubinec





We cannot see further

Than each step that we take

Hearts are obscured

By the choices we make


We muddle our minds

With things that don’t matter

Set adrift in the storm

Broken and battered


Searching for peace

In faraway lands

When peace is a power

That rests in our hands




Dawning Hope

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April 9 sunrise geese033

You are with me in the fog

Drifting silently on your own

Though you hide within the darkness

You will never be alone

Waves of anger turn to ripples

As the faithful sun will rise

Murky minds catch rays of hope

To see the light inside


You are with me in the fog

Relentless it may be

I am hiding in the darkness

Words are lost and swept away

We are floating without current

We are discord in a daze

But there is promise in the sunrise

There is love beneath the haze