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you win

drafting me unwillingly

one more warrior

in a choke


I. could. die.

simply thinking about

the risk

you’ve offered me

on a silver platter

like the devil, sly

with guileful grin

but this fool isn’t your fix

I choose

to live



I am an RECE ( Registered Early Childhood Educator), “Educator” being the key word. Infants, toddlers and preschoolers learn through hands on exploration, purposeful play and socialization. In the midst of a pandemic, I will soon be expected to return to this environment where social distancing is not possible and little ones require close contact. I am not a health care worker but will be expected to assume the same risk. At 59, I am forced to decide between safety or an income. It haunts me daily.


 It’s Quadrille time at dVerse. De is our wonderful host.

The word is “fix” to be included in a 44 word poem.


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I have twinkled all day long

Tales of stars and toddler songs

Nurturing in many ways

Setting neuron paths ablaze


How I wonder if they’ll see

The ocean, sky and maple trees

Swiping, clicking from afar

Before they wonder who they are


Diamonds they are in my hands

I will show them earth and sand

Up above their world so high

I will give them wings to fly




Sharing this with you and dVerse Poet’s Pub for Frank’s Meeting the Bar prompt, “Tanaga”. 

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Land of Sunshine

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In this room

The sun always shines

Tiny smiles, twinkling little stars

All aglow against the sounds

Of first words and laughter

My clouds dissipate when I enter

For this is heaven on earth

The land of the most innocent minds

With so much time on their hands


I am greeted

Scrawny arms wrap around my legs

Wide eyes look up to meet mine

Am I worthy

Of all that they have placed in my heart?

We gather to watch the cardinals

Pecking at seeds through the snow

Our window, a floor to ceiling portal

To the world

All anew, nothing askew

Because this is the land

Of sunshine


rocking chair



For Open Link Night at dVerse…a little late for Mary’s poetic prompt which asked us to reflect on rooms or a room. I chose a room where I spend a significant portion of my day.