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The Tree Replied

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Don’t mind if I blush

In red maple shades

As you fumble for words

To honour my grace


Roots entwined deeper

Than sorrow in hearts

Arms that reach taller

Than dreams you impart


My beauty eludes me

But still you admire

Remember, my love

When you’re feeding the fire


Abhra at dVerse Poet’s Pub inspired us to bring trees to life. This was my response to the prompt.

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Musings of a Traveller

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October 2011 622

Does this blur have a beat?

My journey, my song

Is unwritten

Notes on pages

Lines on roads

Tarmac, tat-a-tat

Feeling kind of sick of that

Let me hear the wind

Drumming on mesas

Harmonizing layers

Of earth and sky

Tumbleweeds will try

To rock and roll my soul

And clouds can dance, you know

NM October 2011 576

Written for dVerse Poet’s Pub

This week for dVerse Poetics, our prompt was the “rhythm of the road”.