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Collective Thoughts

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geese pic for


You speak in gaggles of geese

But I am in flight with kettles of hawks

Tipping my wings to wisps of clouds

Watching the mischief of mice below


You take the stand of flamingos

One foot planted, uncommitted

But my heart beats in murmurations of starlings

My eyes flutter in the charm of hummingbirds



Written for dVerse where we have been inspired by De to get creative using bird group names or other animal group names.

Collaboration for Peace-6

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It’s Sunday which means another Collaboration For Peace! Candy posted yesterday as she is busy traveling today. We are happy to share our creations and hope that they can inspire you in some small way.




Peace Comes

peace comes not from inky
words on paper
or notes sung by choirs of angels
it comes instead when two souls
reach across the gap of
their differences
to find commonality


© candace kubinec