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The Most Humble

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Love is nestled deep
In the hearts of the most humble
They are the lost
The forsaken we only speak of
As if this makes us care
Our thoughts, only echos
Bouncing off their dreams
Small change, petty offerings
Pools of pity at their feet
This is not love
Love hides
In sweaty, weathered lines
Of stories untold to us
Because we did not ask
In warm, filthy hands
Held above the fire
Love lies under blankets
Praying to the light
Curled up, messed up
Teardrops, trembling
Love waits patiently
In faded faces, beaten
By stronger hands
And evil minds
Love speaks gently
Or not at all
Cryptic, mute
Silenced by storms
That rage in brains
Until it’s too late
And love is out the door
On the street
It’s you and me
But we don’t see
Our beds are warm
But we are cold while
Love is nestled deep
In the hearts of the most humble



This poem is my way of expressing concern for a better understanding of homelessness in our society.

I am inspired by others who have dedicated much more of their time to directly reach out with acts of generosity, moments of kindness, friendship and most of all…conversation. It is this respect that sets an example for others. If the majority of us do no not speak to those on the street, then thank God there are people like Dennis Cardiff , Kaze Gadway who do…..on a regular basis.

In addition to his blog “Gotta Find a Home”, Dennis has recently published ” Gotta  Find a Home- Conversations with Street People” which documents his conversations with the homeless as he visits and interacts with them without judgement.  You can find a digital version at Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iTunes and Flipkart.  Print versions are available at Amazon.  “All profits will be used to support the Ottawa Innercity Missions, Street Outreach Program and those people forced onto the streets.”

Kaze Gadway blogs at “KazeStories” sharing her experiences as she spends time with the homeless, offering them water and blankets and talking with them. I admire her willingness to become involved by not only acknowledging them, but by listening to their stories, offering hope, comfort and helpful ideas if only to get through the day. Her compassion is put into action on the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Please take the time to check out both of their blogs.

Photograph: Courtesy of Steve Huff  from a collection called “My Homeless Project”.

His candid shots portray the hardships of life on the streets of Phoenix, AZ .  Steve took the time to speak to homeless men and women during his daily walks to learn of  the real life events and situations that lead to homelessness. In exchange they allowed him to take their photographs.