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Chit Chat

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Sit a spell and

Spill with me


‘Til all we have to till

Are recycled revelations

Composted conversations

Speak philosophy

Of fallen trees

In vacant forests

Did you hear it?

Meta my physics

Prove me wrong

Let’s put it in a

Nitty-gritty nutshell


A quirky little quadrille for dVerse. De is our host and “spill” is the word she has asked us to include in our 44 word poem. Come on over!






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Niagara Falls


Starting, stopping,

Perimeter flopping

I wait for your signal

To know if I’ve crossed

The line


Aching, breaking

Sift without shaking

You hide all the rules

For tippy toe fools

To find


Gushing, hushing

Egg shells crushing

Words on a wire

Dance over the fire

So blind