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Collaboration for Peace-3

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Hope you’ve been finding inspiration in our Collaboration for Peace project.
Here is our third post.
You can find more about Candy at
While you’re at it stop over and visit Aritists4Peace.





i found a friend when
i wasn’t looking
when i was in need
there was nothing
we had in common
except a love of the sea
and we sailed on
© candace kubinec
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50 Things I’ve Learned in 50 Years…#27

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“Even though we are all different, we are all the same.  We all want to be loved and accepted for who we are.”


One of the greatest challenges in life is cooperative interaction with others. We hit walls we don’t want to climb and cross bridges we don’t want to meet…half…way. We guard our personalities and beliefs with our life.

Why? It took a long time to figure out who we are and no one is going to mess with that…right?

However, sometimes we have to step out of our deep rooted convictions and venture into neutral territories. It is in this place that we will find one thing in common. When we look underneath egos and actions, we will find the vulnerability that makes all of us human….the need to be validated and loved.

This is where hearts will align.. in spite of ourselves.

Common Ground

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There is a common ground we walk on

Dirt, sand, rock, mud

It doesn’t matter

It is the place for our feet to walk

To rest, to run

Where balance begins

To align our spine, our soul

A comparable  posture

That life is hard

It can beat you down

To a place where

Hands and knees

Are only required

There is a common ground we walk on

Gravel, grass, ice, clay

The surface may vary

But the purpose does not

We march, we skip, we fall

To the drum of hope

To the sound of sorrow

In a global orchestra

Parading on pavement

For the same goals

The same desires

To live in peace

Or simply to live