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Do I Dare Accept the Super Sweet Blogger Award?

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It was  SO SWEEEEET of Melanie at to honor me with this award. I will gladly accept based on the fact that she said I was sweet in a “non saccharine kind of way”. Wheeeew! Thanks Melanie!! Putting me on a pedestal of pleasantness would be hard to live up to. The truth is I’m not always that sweet!

Be sure to pay a visit to Melanie’s blog. It is a very diverse collection of writing styles and formats. There is something for everyone. Now to answer….

The 5 Super Sweet questions.

1.       Cookies or cake?


2.       Chocolate or vanilla?

Don’t make me choose.

3.       Favourite sweet treat?

  Pumpkin pie with maple syrup. Yes, really… but only with REAL maple syrup.

4.       When do you crave sweet things the most?

    After a meal, when I’m full. Go figure!! (literally…there goes the figure)

5.       Sweet nickname?

Ok, I can’t lie. Someone at work calls me “Cupcake”.  I have no idea what I have done to deserve it and I want to wallop her every time she says it. Hah! See! I told you I’m not so sweet.

It was very difficult to choose a baker’s dozen of 13 from the many super sweet bloggers I follow regularly. With that in mind, I decided to simply do a search for blogs under topics such as sweet and kindness.  I managed to narrow it down to these sweet treats. Grab yourself a coffee and indulge! Do you like pie? You have to read it to believe it. Check out the gummy bear chandelier.   Hundreds of beautiful breakfast photos. A sweet collection of children’s books.  Goes something like this….scroll…YUM!!!….scroll….YUM!!!  Inspiring words and images.   “Fully Caffeinated Generosity and Hope”.   Please help this sweet lady.  Thought provoking poetry.  For some really sweet music.    It’s willy nilly and wonderful.   Speaking of cupcakes….and more.   Because not all things are sweet and we should talk about them.