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I am fog, fazed

With weightless words

Coasting on currents

Weakened by my own candor

I am left as embers

After the char

Floating, still flickering

Blindsided by fire

Disguised as sunshine

Treading dark waters

Searching for one open portal

Where skies meet sea


A quadrille for Victoria’s prompt this week. She asked that our 44 word poem include the word “open”. The doors are wide open at dVerse Poets Pub. Step right in.  It’s a wonderful place.



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All systems go

Buzzing, fuzzy

My legs are walking

My mouth is talking

But I am on autopilot

Numbed and knocked out

By something bigger

Than what we had

Maybe I’ll go

Dazed and drowning

My eyes are burning

My heart is yearning

But I am on autopilot

Snowed and sloughed off

By something bigger

Than what I thought we had