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Haiku: At the Lake

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blankets of blues

summer in sapphire and teal

I breathe between hues

seven ride the waves

still nuzzled in mother’s wing

paddling seasons past

gliding on thermals

freedom to speak or squawk while

clouds only whisper

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I follow you

Flashlight in hand

Still dimmer than our hearts

Lake of infinity

Lapping to the rhythm of


Sandy-toed, sips of merlot

You whisper of satellites

Geosynchronous orbits

And how much you love me

Spicing my world

Peppering my skies

With stars



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic

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California 2014 192


This was taken near Oceanside, California and seemed to fit the criteria for this week’s challenge “monochromatic”. Be sure to check out other interpretations at The Daily Post.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth II

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A & M visit summer 2012 694


Here is another interpretation of depth for The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. Again, I was drawn to some photos taken in Lion’s Head, Ontario.

Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual Point of View

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Beauty carried ashore

Roots intact

For even the flow of life

Cannot disturb them



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Tiny treasures washed ashore

Patiently polished by time

Shell I pick you up

Or leave you to rest in the sand?

Your journey complete with tales to tell

Of seaweed and undertows

Shell I pick you up

Or admire you from my hands?

Basking beauties before my eyes

Collecting on common ground

Shell I pick you up

Or honor the shelter you gave?

Ancient armor from life now passed

Jagged and rightfully so

Shell I pick you up

Or leave you kissing the waves?