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I am sifting dreams

Between tired fingers

They trickle like gypsum crystals

Pure and unproductive

My knuckles now carry

Their own set of baggage

Indented with frowns and smiles

That taunt me with the truth

“I am getting older”


But I will not clench this life

With frenzied fists

Squeezing moments dry

Palms open, I wait

Trusting in lines of fate

For life to gently unfold

These hands have held miracles


snail in hands


I am so honoured and excited to be hosting Poetics at dVerse Poets Pub today! The prompt I have chosen is hands, to be used literally, symbolically or metaphorically. Let your hands tell a story. Pay homage to hands. I left this in the hands of some amazing poets and I look forward to reading their work. The pub opens at 3 pm EST. See you there!


50 Things I’ve Learned in 50 Years…#1

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A little over  a year ago,  I  found myself undeniably approaching  the big five oh (no!).  I was determined to make it significant, at least to me, so I decided to share  some things I’ve learned over the years…… the good times, the bad times, the crazy times and all those enlightening moments in between.

Some lessons take a moment, others a life time.  Maybe you can relate to a few.

Hope you find a moment to join me on a regular basis as I reflect on this roller coaster ride we call “LIFE”, starting with…..

#1 If you’re holding a grudge, you’re letting someone continue to hurt you.

Think about it.

Someone causes you pain.  They ruin your day….or maybe your life?

Wait a minute! Are you going to let them ruin your life? Do they deserve that?  Do YOU deserve that?

Carrying a grudge is heavy work  but only you can lighten the load.

Are you waiting for an apology or someone to have a life changing enlightenment?  You could be waiting a long time.

You may be the only one capable of moving forward.   Harboring the anger, resentment and pain is your choice.

Simple as that.

      Stay tuned for #2 !