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International Flight

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Today the sun takes our winter weary souls for a drive along the river. The scenery alternates between an eclectic array of waterfront homes and narrow sections where the water laps at the edges of the road. Just before the gravel dock, around the familiar curve, there is a small parking lot. Tall, naked trees stand stoic against the shoreline, their lanky limbs reaching over the banks. Despite the sun-sparkle of rippling waves, the surface of the river is still mosaic. Jagged ice islands gently sway, randomly tapping each other. A few ducks paddle bravely between them. It is January, again.

Then we see him. Like royalty and in true raptor form, he pumps his wings with slow, powerful beats. Gnarly talons cast ominous shadows below. His pure white head appears angelic but his deadly hooked beak says otherwise. Tiny birds scatter. We watch him scope the ice, laser focused. Patient. Swooping across the river without a passport from one country to another.

mallard ducks under

scavenger knows no boundaries

cross-border trade

A haibun for Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub. Grace is our host. Join us!


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  1. Such a beautiful creature, in flight and looking for his prey. Stay warm Mish!

  2. I think you paint an excellent scene with nature and the raptor sailing in the sky… i think we are a bit like a fieldmouse or a mallard under such a shadow

  3. Haibunilicious, M. Salute!

  4. I love how you set the scene, Mish, for something few have witnessed. What a wonderful surprise from nature.

  5. This is exquisitely drawn, Mish! I can visualize the tall, naked trees standing stoic against the shoreline and love the few ducks paddling bravely. ❤️❤️

  6. ~just a thought

    Haibun are a favorite read for me, and yours is a lovely narrative expression 💙

  7. Oh, this is so well-written, Mish–prose and haiku.
    There are several eagle nests in the area, and I look for them every morning, but I’ve only had really close sightings a few times.

  8. I love your winter drive! Winter has beauty all its own. The freedom of the bald eagle must be a wonderful site to see! Well done

  9. “cross-border trade” made me smile! They are majestic, enjoyed the sights in this one!

  10. What a gorgeous wintry haibun … cheers and chills!!!

  11. Wonderful! I love the haibun form which you have captured so beautifully here.

  12. An Evocative and memorable Haibun, Mish. I love this form and you’ve done it justice!


    Even the mallard ducks are in awe.


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