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without solid reason to
keep track of time
I burn my days over
hot coals of contrition
watching the embers
die like dreams

it seems…..

we are sempiternity
always in the making
or taking
are we ever done?
is it enough to
simply breathe?

For Quadrille Monday over at dVerse Poets Pub. Merril is our host and she has offered us the word “track” to include in our 44 word poems.

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  1. Oh, how fascinating! I love the questioning in the last stanza. Thank you!
    I’ve been thinking and writing about infinity, too. We watched a movie, “A Trip to Infinity” recently.

  2. Great question/reminder! We have the capacity to make time stand still if we only learn to breathe. Two thumbs up for this quadrille!

  3. Loved the questioning and curious essence of this piece Mish. It was very well written and a joy to read my friend.🙂✌🏼❤️

  4. Oh for the simple life!! 🙂
    I cringed when I read of the burned ‘days’, I burned my finger on the oven rack yesterday and it HURTS!!! 🙂

  5. An intriguing piece. Well done.

  6. Yes and no. Life is a paradox, and one may rest in that reality, at least for moments.

  7. I love the metaphor in the first stanza, Mish, the ‘hot coals of contrition’, and the simile of embers dying like dreams. I don’t think we’ll ever answer that final question.

  8. This is gorgeous. Love, love, love.

  9. Wonderful reflection


  10. “…Are we ever done… it’s the age old question, isn’t it. I loved the existential feel to your words. You really made me think.

  11. sublime! I think we are never done, not as long as we have a pulse!

  12. How lovely your quadrille! Existence outside time ~~~ thrilling to ponder.

  13. I thought those first two lines would make way in to serenity and the joy of keeping still…..then they lead to contrition…but finally meander to just simply being. YES! I think it is absolutely necessary to sometimes just sit and be. But if it’s “absolutely necessary” is it really then just simply sitting and being? Ah…you’ve got me thinking, Mish!

  14. Can we ever stand still instead of constantly moving?
    Maybe we need to breathe at least to find the right direction,

  15. love the questioning – I think we may be on a similar wavelength

  16. Mish, this is such a fabulous write! We do spend so much time in contrition, questioning our existence. So thought provoking!

  17. Outstanding first stanza, Mish! Thoughtful poem.


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