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How is one September different from the others?   Rebellious red maple leaves glow between the green….as usual for these early days of fall. A familiar sky hovers in cornflower blue. A monarch flitter- flutters over black eyed suzies, gathering nectar for the epic flight. I take in his beauty but he is no stranger. As rehearsed, the potted purple petunias, bow gracefully out of summer. Like every year, I pinch off shriveled blooms as if there is hope for more. Three sisters soup simmers in the crock pot once again. The sun still flaunts like June.

But on this day, the fifteenth day of September, a handsome young man with eyes like mine, takes a beautiful young woman, places his hands in hers and says, “I do”. I think the birds sang a little sweeter. Perhaps the breeze was scented in sweet alyssum, tousling her golden curls. I am certain a slivered piece of moon peeked from light years away.

september elopes

from autumn algorithms

love, keeper of seeds

It’s Haibun Monday at dVerse Poets Pub. We have a guest host, Xenia Tran and she has asked us to “create a haibun about September and a special moment you experienced during this month or are looking forward to.”


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  1. What a glorious September haibun Mish, such a special moment to witness and I love how you are ‘certain a slivered piece of moon peeked from light years away’

  2. What a glorious celebration in the midst of our autumn season. Love the scents, smells of the fall season specially the 3 sisters soup. Congrats to the family!!!!

  3. That was lovely. The vows interspersed with the description of nature was very nicely done.

  4. I love the use of colour in your haibun, Mish! I especially love the ‘rebellious red maple leaves’ and ‘potted purple petunias’. I have no idea what three sisters soup is, but just the thought of it simmering in a crock pot has me salivating! Have I read correctly? Your son got married? Congratulations to him and his new wife!

  5. The alliteration makes this one flow like water. Lovely memories.

  6. A lovely flow to your prose, and the evocation of season through colour was great

  7. Mish, this is stunning! I love the surprise romance. Your words shine.

  8. A day like that makes all the difference to an otherwise ordinary September: sweet.
    ~ Dora

  9. Your Haibun is September perfection ………..

  10. I love the memory… it sounds like something to celebrate every September since

  11. A sweet haibun, Mish. Sounds like a beautiful wedding.

  12. i am a sucker for details – especially names of flora and fauna. this is a delight and that wedding is so sweet.

  13. A sweet picture etched vividly!


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