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What is this wasteland, this dormiveglia

where slumber sleeps and wakefulness burbles?

I am aliferous, floating like the floss of milkweed

caught between comatose clouds and

the warm rush of kindled crosswinds

colours? they don’t exist here

only the phosphenes as I rub my eyes

but I remember the feuillimort of autumn

and subtle scents of solandis

arms flailing, I sail sideways, longing to

fall into the open arms of consciousness

while sandman waves from above

here, under wayward stars, I wait

to nestle in quilts of haimish reveries or

wake to the gleaming edges of reality

Written for Poetics at dVerse Poets Pub – “There’s a Word for That

We are stirring a few uncommon words into our muse.

I am your host today. Doors open at 3 p.m. EST



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  1. Oh this is wonderful! I read it a second time, aloud. The sounds with all the alliteration etc….just really a delight. And the image is perfect!
    PS: I really enjoyed this prompt!

  2. This is just wonderful, Mish, you’ve incorporated so many of the words! And isn’t dormiveglia a fantastic one? I love the sibilance of ‘slumber sleeps’ and the idea that ‘wakefulness burbles’.

  3. This is an amazing response Mish. Love the floating milkweed, sandman waving from above, haimish reveries – this describes the title so creatively.

  4. You’ve given us a beautiful example of how to use these fantastic words. It was hard to choose which ones to use!

  5. Glenn A. Buttkus

    A sterling illustration for the prompt, and a lovely poem standing alone. Words this unique almost feel like nonsense words, and at first they fit clumsily into the lines, but then with a slight adjustment, accepting their validity, the fun begins.

  6. Dreamlike, but the last line is my favourite.

  7. Fun image to set the tone, Mish. Highly seasoned and very tasty night-snacking dish for us logolepsics.

  8. Nice one. The prompt words flowed so smoothly into your poem


  9. Nice usage, Mish. Thank you, I always enjoy reading the prompter’s write on her/his prompt. This one was fun, I cheated a bit, just one of the words I used was new to me. There were a lot more I didn’t know, and for sure I haven’t memorized more than that one, “susurrus”. I will go back now to read again the definition of your “dormiveglia” there.

  10. This was excellent Mish, excellent! Even without the definitions fully committed to memory, I was able to sail through your piece understanding its gist. Thisvwas wonderful writing my friend. 👍🏼🙂✌🏼❤️

  11. Love this! The last stanza in particular. A very good prompt for new word usage and one that was very enjoyable!

  12. Having this unusual and melodious words really captures that in-between state well. (K)

    • Thanks….I was very drawn to the definition of dormiveglia, taking it a bit further with being “stuck” in that state of mind. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  13. I was a bit intrigued with dormiveglia also and the image. Insomnia can put you there quite frequently. I loved especially the gleaming edges of reality.

  14. I so love your title and the opening: “What is this wasteland, this dormiveglia
    where slumber sleeps and wakefulness burbles?” It just grabs you in its exploration. So lovely, Mish. Thanks. Xoxo

  15. Such a lovely write, Mish, especially the opening lines are stellar! In fact, the entire poem is gorgeous.
    Thanks so much for such a creative prompt.


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