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Haibun: Unfazed

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We call him “Chippy” although we know there is more than one. Chipmunks live, work and thrive beneath our yard, front and back. He likes to scurry across the narrow base of my wooden fence. In and out, he races between alternating planks of vulnerability and safety, darkness and light.

Now he sits, perched upon the corner of the aging cement porch, frozen in sunlight, meditating. This is his rooftop. Inches below him, where a piece of the old porch has crumbled, is the doorway to his home. He is miniature against the draping peach begonias, overgrown shrubs and my massive maple. A few leaves, curled and brittle have begun their descent in today’s soft breeze. I watch through the window to see how long it takes for him to flinch. He is transfixed, eyes upon the world. With his fortress close by, he stands guard.

beneath the same sun

we bury thoughts of Autumn

I share my shelter

Join us at 3 p.m. EST for Haibun Monday

dVerse Poets Pub

I am pleased to be your host as we consider the theme of shelter.


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  1. How sweet to have such a great friend in your garden… and what a great use he has found in the crumbling concrete.

  2. This is such a lovely haibun, Mish!
    I love “he races between alternating planks of vulnerability and safety, darkness and light.”
    I saw more chipmunks around here last year.

  3. Chipmunks are fun to watch. I’ve seen them stick a cheeto into one of their pouches. Your haibun of shared shelter with Chippy is full of affection and bonhomie (even if he isn’t a human.)

  4. I wish we had chipmunks here, Mish, they look so cute and fun to watch. The only thing I can compare them to, and we get one or two in our garden, is squirrels. Your chipmunk is lucky to have a safe shelter on your porch.

  5. Glenn A. Buttkus

    The chipmunks here in the Pac NW have short tails. As a kid we would catch them, and try to keep them as pets. It never worked. They always died. Only later did I see the cruelty in our actions.

  6. Nice one!!!
    Happy Monday

    Much 💖 love

  7. Fine work indeed Mish. We’ve got them here, too, but they’ve got waaaaay too much woodland to be hanging out in, so they don’t usually stop by to say hello. Now, Mr. Hummingbird is another thing altogether. Wonderful Haibun & THANKS for hosting!

  8. Very descriptive and beautiful. I’ve seen a few chippys in my apartment complex. They’re adorable!

  9. We don’t have chipmunks, squirrels or hummingbirds in New Zealand. Loved your description!

  10. Oh that is such a sweet description of shelter 🥰. I love chipmunks. We used to have many in Virginia. My cat once dragged a terrified chipmunk through the cat door and it ran behind the fridge. It took me hours to get the frightened thing back out to safety.

  11. When we lived in the Oregon Cascade foothills, I loved to watch the “chippers”, and a small golden-bellied critter that looked similar, that we called a chickaree (Douglas pine squirrel). They would scurry all over our yard, as we lived among a tall stand of conifers. The chickarees would climb way up into the mid-high branches in the Spring, to eat the core out of ripe pine cones. They would bomb us with the de-cored cones, once they had their tasty treat. A big cone falling 60-70 feet really hurt when it hit you. We had a pergament in the back yard that we’d sit under for protection.

  12. The haiku on the end is magical. Wonderful, Mish. Thanks for hosting.

  13. They are so fun to watch! I love your haibun!

  14. I love to watch the chipmunks too. The way you wove shelter into your haibun gives me the message of home for you both. Lovely! 💜

  15. Wonderful! What a cute little companion and such wonderful detailed description. And I simply love the end and the Haiku.

  16. This reminds me of the home of my younger years, in Ohio. Chipmunks abounded. I haven’t lived anywhere since that had so many, and the only place in the city I’ve seen them is in the Bronx. Thanks for reawakening those memories. (K)

  17. He is transfixed, eyes upon the world. With his fortress close by, he stands guard.

    Oh, NO! Mish, I think I am experiencing… cuteness overload!



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