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Port and Starboard

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you are wind-driven
all trumped-up
on erroneous energies
captured only to collide

truth stands still as rock
no need to move or prove

I watch the white caps
curl, gaining strength and
wonder when your fallacies
will shatter like the waves

Sarah is hosting Poetics:

The four elements

dVerse Poets Pub

Photo: yesterday evening at the beach


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  1. Oh, Mish, that’s great. I love that final stanza so much! Thank you for sharing this one.

  2. Glenn A. Buttkus

    I could sit for hours watching waves in a storm; and have done. Nice twist at the end, rocking the prompt.

  3. I wonder, too. they sometimes seem to be indestructible.


  4. I am transfixed by their endless movements, so different at all times but seemingly the same. At another layer, this is a powerful image for truth at the end.

  5. An interesting piece. Well done.

  6. Very well done. Truth stands on its on… needs no defense.

  7. Such a wonderful metaphor, Mish! Unfortunately, that erroneous energy still seems to be going strong. I’m hoping that truth prevails.

  8. There’s marvellous movement in this poem, Mish! I love those ‘erroneous energies captured only to collide’ and the curl of the white caps.

  9. A nice analogy. I’m crossing my fingers.

  10. Such duality in nature, it’s a struggle but beautiful, still! 🌊❤️

  11. Beautifully, movingly written, Mish.

  12. “truth stands still as rock
    no need to move or prove”
    Love this! And of course, the title!

  13. I think history will be a harsh judge and your wish will come true. His fallacies will shatter like waves and he will join the other garbage stranded on the shore.


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