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Moon Trippin’

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Supermoon sent us scrambling to the nearest park for open ground. Cameras in hand, we had visions of something extraordinary. The awe came when I did not focus on or with my camera but stood with mind silenced, tracing her perfection. I imagined some funky God of Geometry with a giant compass and extremely steady hands, carving our cosmic muse into carbon paper skies. He didn’t know her beauty until the asteroids and meteorites chiseled her barren cheeks and the sun dazzled her silly.

We heard the unmistakable howl of a coyote in the nearby woods. Believing in the myth added to the ambience.  I became lost in the mystery of moon tides and the depths of craters. I wondered where I stood with her in astrological terms, being born on the first day of the whole zodiac. I am clearly a beginning…to something.  Her porcelain face revealed no secrets. With fuzzy photos, we turned to go home. She followed,  her golden light gushing over darkened streets.  I drank her energy, let her sparkle my spirit one more time, just in case I would not see her Supermoon magic again.

sun in Scorpio

stars of Aries kiss Luna

November clouds drift

Sharing an old but appropriate one

for Open Link Night -LIVE

at dVerse Poets Pub (3 p.m. EST)

We are “moon trippin” after an announcement that our 2017 Anthology – Chiaroscuro, Darkness and Light has been chosen to be included in the Polaris Collection, a time capsule of art, music and writings scheduled to be sent to the moon in 2024!!

You can read all about the project here. Click on BOOKS, then POETRY COLLECTIONS and scroll to find us.


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  1. I loved these vivid descriptions, Mish. It really put me in the scene with you. 💜

  2. scotthastiepoet

    You capture a moment here – a window into a new sense of understanding. I feel whatever you conjure here really reached out to me…

  3. Beautiful imagery Mish, I love you turned home with fuzzy photos while the moon ‘followed, her golden light gushing over darkened streets’

  4. Nice one !!!

  5. Good to hear you read this one, Mish. You got caught up in lunacy and you’ve woven the enchantment very well. Nice to chit-chat with you while waiting for technical difficulties of the live event to sort themselves out.

  6. Love this! I can visualize the “golden light gushing over darkened streets.” So lovely to hear you read tonight, Mish! ❤️❤️

  7. Yup; dug the read, dug the screen. dug it, dug it, dug it all, Mish. Danke

  8. SO FUN to see you at OLN (once the glitches were undone!). Apologies for that. Technical guru I am not….but appreciator of all things poetic I am. This is a wonderful haibun. The imagery of seeing the Supermoon is beautifully carved here. And isn’t that the truth? All the photos I’ve ever tried to take of a Supermoon, or Bloodmoon, or Harvest Moon turn out like one big blurry bright blob which hardly tells of the glory we’ve seen. And how appropriate to read and post this for our moon trip celebration! Thanks Mish for being you 🙂

  9. I really love this–the awe and wonder of the moon, the myth, the personal experience and reflections. . .beautiful. And it was great to see and hear you at OLN yesterday.

  10. Drinking in the moon’s energy under the howl of the coyote is powerful stuff. Very atnospheric haibun needed.


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