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well she thought it was good

night swallowing her day

time vamping to night

light dripping like honey….

dew drop diamonds at dawn

she yawns at the sun

burns her finger on a freshly lit cigarette

hot! dog at her feet, never under

estimates her pain precisely

she kisses his curly ear

aching for one more life


Having fun with compound words. Lillian is our super-host.

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! You really compounded me here. A plethora of compound words used so well as their root words. Well done! I especially like these lines
    “night swallowing her day
    time vamping to night”
    and what you did with hot! dog at her feet 🙂
    An s added to burn but who cares when you’ve included so many of the compound words so very well here! Loved it!

  2. I love the repetiton of time as the first and last line. The details really ground the poem, and you’ve used the prompt so subtly and so well!

  3. Goodness yes, I agree! You absolutely rocked the prompt, Mish 😀 Especially love; “light dripping like honey….dew drop diamonds at dawn.” 💝💝

  4. so well-used those compounds, but a poem really alive, words darting here, there, towards the conclusion…yes…….really cleverly done those lines..

  5. This was wonderful to read – I can see her with the dog easing her pain. Wonderful character and scenery building here.

  6. Excellent use of the compound words, specially the hot! dog, Mish. Great character sketch too.

  7. Wonderfully done, Mish! The way lines segue into each other is amazing!

  8. I rather liked the “hot! dog”
    Very clever.


  9. It was the curly ear that stood out for me.


  10. Perfect balance and cadence to this, and the images are fresh and well-conceived. Your punctuation was extremely creative with the compound words, yet it doesn’t distract at all from the neat progression and sense of identity that the poem projects..


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