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she stands on life’s ledge

her only hope, heaven

stars, her only light

she slips deep into

desolate seas, pitch-black

her eyes become ink

her mouth, silenced

the salt, stingless

over open wounds

she is not sad

sadness begins

sadness ends

she is static

It’s Quadrille time over at dVerse Poets Pub. What’s a quadrille? It is a poem of exactly 44 words, not including the title but it must include a given word or derivative of the word. Today the word is “static”. You can join in too.


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  1. Somehow I feel that she is founding some rest in being static… maybe we all need those moments to mend our wounds

  2. This is how I feel after chemo – sort of numbed and cut off, and so very very tired. It really spoke to me. I loved this line: her eyes become ink – I’m not sure why – it’s such a striking image – ink is for communicating, but it’s also for blotting things out, being opaque.

  3. Lovely, and I thought sad–but perhaps static is restful, rather than numb, and perhaps that is what she needs. I agree that “her eyes become ink” is striking.

  4. I responded to this write, thinking about someone in the throes of depression….static….unable to move forward, seeing no way out. A series of painful words…. “pitch-black” “on life’s edge” “desolate” “open wounds” My heart aches for people who feel this way.

    • My heart aches too. It is just unacceptable that in so many cases, there is no real help. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  5. Wow! Intriguing
    Happy Monday


    • Thank you, Gillena. Happy Monday to you! After signing into my Google, I was still unable to find a place to post a comment on your blog. Perhaps its a glitch on my end, not sure. I really enjoyed your poem and the uniqueness of “static fusion”.

  6. I wish I’d read your quadrille before writing mine. You have made this potent with the rhythm…it really bites with sadness, and I see how you have done it, and how important it is to do, so very nicely done, edgy, sharp, leading right up to the pinnacle.

  7. I love the rhythm of your words. The word static is somehow so full of life. What a great choice. ❤

  8. wow truly moving poem.

  9. Static. Not sad, not happy. Been there often. Heaven is a good hope to have. Beautifully penned. 💝

  10. You did a beautiful poem describing the feelings a person might have as they contemplate the choices of living in pain or dying to relive it.

  11. What a perfect image. I enjoyed the comparison of stasis and sadness. Beautifully done.

  12. As Ain points out, the rhythm is key to the effectiveness of this poem…JIM

  13. You capture that caught-between feeling that we all get sometimes.

  14. Well expressed! Sounds that perhaps she is ‘stuck’.

  15. A powerful poem…I interpreted it as suicidal but should we make peace with death?!

    • It definitely was not the intention of the poem. I guess we all need to make peace with death when our time comes….but here, I was describing how one might feel as they suffer depression (vs. sadness) and how this or any other debilitating mental illness could bring them to a numbing, static place where hope is lost and yes, possibly suicidal thoughts.

      • Thanks for explaining. My mind took it a step too far! It stirred something deep in me because people I’ve loved have been suicidal.

      • lynn…it was intended to express the reality of suicidal thoughts and how one would get to that point. I’m very sorry that your loved ones have experienced this. I lost my stepson to suicide less than two years ago and a very good friend of mine recently lost her son. The sudden death of Naomi Judd did lead to this quadrille….

      • I’m sorry for your loss, Mish. I’m glad you wrote on this subject.

      • Thank you, lynn. I appreciate that.

  16. “life’s ledge”…like she is hovering on the edge…neither here nor there…sort of limbo!
    I love how your striking images made me think and the various interpretations in comments added to your quadrille, Mish.

  17. languishing. i felt this a i read your poem. it is a sadness or blankness that lingers and i felt that in this piece, Mish. beautiful.

  18. There is a feeling of such overwhelming numbness here – so tenderly and beautifully expressed. The image accompanies it so perfectly.

  19. I think everyone enjoys some static in their lives. Good one, Mish!

  20. Oh, man. I LOVE this line:
    “her eyes become ink”

    Like everything she sees becomes something she writes. Beautiful.


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