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Haibun: Incoming

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I sit curled into the end of my couch with my tea, still too hot for sipping. The curtain is pulled back a few inches, just enough for me to view the morning show of winged wonders. I’ve come to visually identify many and now my interest turns to their unique sounds, their songs, the music that fills the Spring air. The robin has a few up his sleeve but none on my favourite play list. The chickadees have my heart with their “chick -a -dee- dee- dee” and whistles of “fee-bee, fee-bee” in their black and white tuxedos. I take my first sip of tea and savour the memory of feeding them from my hands. comes “Woody”. Whether downy or red-bellied, I ponder whether a woodpecker is truly a songbird but his percussion cannot be ignored. They amuse me tapping on the feeder for invisible bugs, finally settling for seeds.

My ceramic mug still feels warm. I sink into thoughts of fight or flight, watching sparrows sparring in mid air before landing on the ledge of the feeder. In contrast, they sing a joyful composition of “cheeps” and “chirrups”. I pull a plush blanket around my chilled ankles and wait for the next performer. The bird feeder sways, empty. The silence feels like an unwanted intermission at a concert. Intuition tells me the king will arrive soon. Yes. The cardinal appears in his royal red suit, and matching crown. His mate is only seconds behind him, looking a bit chubby but stunning in her fancy feathered hat and vibrant orange lipstick. I wonder if somewhere she carries a purse. Together they will sing a glorious duet, but not today as their beaks are brimming with sunflower seeds. Now, red is replaced by yellow, ablaze. One incoming golden finch is quickly followed by another. My tea sits cold.

minstrels of the morning

trilling softly, stealing time

we sip on sunshine

For Haibun Monday at dVerse Poets Pub. Frank is our host. Join us!

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  1. Really like the role of your cup of tea in this….as you guide us through the wonder you feel, as the tea gets cold…really good haiku, with that superb line tying all together..completed with the photos..

  2. I love visualizing all of your beautiful birds. We have most of the same ones here at our feeder. Such beautiful music! Well done.

  3. What a lovely haibun. Enjoyed!!!


  4. I like your title! Chickadees are so pretty. I have those birds at my feeder also

  5. Thank you for sharing your wondrous morning tea. I could see all the birds flying in as I often sit at my desk working with the curtains open to watch the birds outside the window. I really enjoyed reading your haibun. Smiled as there is woodpecker around here who plays some great percussion. Now, I have these song lyrics looping in my head.

    Turn the beat around
    Love to hear percussion

  6. Your haibun is a feast for the senses. No wonder your tea went cold! Brava!

  7. You took me right into this scene! Lovely!

  8. Tea being a focal and consistent point is such a creative detail, Mish. The sounds of your morning was transported right here, in my tropical afternoon, thanks to your onomatopoeias. Bless the morning birds and your vivid words.

  9. Reading this reminded of my coffee next too me, of which I hadn’t touched yet as I was reading poetry. It is still fairly warm. I took my bird feeder down a few weeks ago because of bears. I am awaiting the hummingbirds to arrive soon. I am between feeders. Thankful I could visit yours and hear the concert!

    • Oh my, bears at the bird feeder…hadn’t thought of that one. A little north of here, that would be a problem, I’m sure. Thanks for attending the concert! 😉

  10. Wonderful Haibun Mish. Love the fetching dounds and colors you worked into your piece. Great write my friend! 🙂✌🏼❤️
    Here is your chickadee’s red-headed Pacific Northwest cousin — the Western Tanager.

  11. So delightful to share your bird watching (listening) and cup of tea!

  12. What a lovely parade. Where I live now, the cardinal is always first in the morning. At least in song–he does not always let me see him. How wonderful to have such a view out your window to accompany the voices. (K)

  13. Reblogged this on Frank J. Tassone and commented:
    #Haiku Happenings #6: Mish’s latest #haibun for #dVersePoet’s #HaibunMonday!

  14. Simply stunning. A meditation in the true sense of the word.

  15. That is like a perfect performance… a concert

  16. This is exquisite, Mish! All the sounds and images are vivid.


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