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Fairy Wishes

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Image: Vika Muse @get.muse

I wish for you a garden

a garden full of grace

where the earth smells sweet

hints of hollyhock and camomile

I wish for you a pair of wings

that flutter soft like baby’s heart

but fly feral through the storm

I wish for you a sun-baked sky

where rain drizzles daydreams

and clouds kiss your eyes

I wish for you an emerald stream

where fellow fairies dip their toes

with tiny tea cups

sipping slow on apricot tea

I wish for you a haven

feather landing, velveteen

rosy cheeks, pillow dreams

where it seems there

is no darkness

only light

just hold on tight

For this week’s Poetics at dVerse Poets Pub

It is my pleasure to feature “Vika Muse”, a Ukrainian digital artist, who despite the despair and chaos in her country continues to shine through her artistry. She has kindly shared her work with us as inspiration. We are hoping to share a little light between her beautiful work and our poetry. We welcome you to join in.

You can find “Vika Muse” on Instagram @get.muse

and at

This poem is dedicated to Vika Muse.

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  1. This reads like a wonderful lullaby… there is nothing sweeter than to wish someone loved the best of sleep.

  2. So beautifully writ. I agree with Bjorn….how I would love to hear this sung. Perfect for children…or for anyone needed to believe. You have indeed brought light through your writing…may all these wishes come true.

  3. What lovely, lovely wishes, Mish! Sigh. I agree–it is like a lullaby.

  4. Such a beautiful, dreamy verse, that seems to fit Vika Muse’s images — where rain drizzles daydreams…so lovely…

  5. Glenn A. Buttkus

    I can hear Billy Joel singing this to his grandchildren. It is so lovely, light and hopeful; good on you.

  6. “I wish for you a pair of wings
    that flutter soft like baby’s heart
    but fly feral through the storm”

    My favourite verse


  7. Beautiful words Mish, specially the last stanza. May all the children hear this fairy wishes when they sleep. Thanks for showcasing her work.

  8. Ohhhhh, YES. I just love this.

  9. So beautiful, Mish! Indeed, like a lullaby.

  10. Your poem sounds like a blessing being spoken to encourage others. So lovely.

  11. This is gorgeous.

  12. Beautiful wishes, it brings a sense of calmness.

  13. Mesmerizing and so soothing, perfectly paired with the mystical image, love it! 💙💛

  14. Beautiful wishes, well-written verses. Very inspiring.

  15. omg! This poem moved me so much. Thank you for writing this. Now my artwork has revealed its sense for everyone. I thank you for this from the bottom of my heart.💛💙

    • Thank you, dear lady. This has been an amazing experience. You have inspired with your light, strength and hope that shines bring through your paintings.

  16. Wishing that all the wishes will be accorded as asked for.


  17. Such sweet wishes, Mish! Such a tender verse so suitable for the pic.

  18. This is such a beautiful poem of hope and dreams. I see we liked the same art piece! :>)

  19. Hummingbirds are good for wishes. (K)

  20. Beautiful! I love the bird and fairy in this image… but all of Vika’s art is stunning. I wish for her, peace and goodwill. ❤

  21. So dreamlike and uplifting Mish. Beautiful images it paints in the mind. Wonderful.

  22. Very sweet, Mish, and the perfect contrast to the dark. Much enjoyed.

  23. The repetition of the wishes, a series of beautiful ones build up here to make a beautiful Love Poem. I liked the choices of Vika’s art work, each one inspired thoughts from which to develope poetry.

  24. writingwhatnots

    This is so tender – beautifully done – wishes upon wishes …


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