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Your Hat

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your hat is heavy

you garnish it gracefully

in plumed purple

tints and tones of

stoic scarlet, it’s

silky silver lining

soothes your soul

builds the wall you need

but I see….

ancient stratums

precariously piled

in colours of rain

and pain, pearl grey

layers of loss

balancing high above

un-spilled tears, the

broad-brim hides nothing

my friend

your eyes hold the weight

We are trying on hats today at dVerse Poets Pub. Pay homage to a hat in a poem, yours or someone else’s. Metaphorically, we’ve worn the hats!! Use one as your muse OR use a hat to symbolize something more abstract. Hope you can join us for Poetics! Doors open at 3 p.m. EST.


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  1. Lushly garnished. Your words are well chosen and fashion a fascinating image and perspective. I think you’ve offered us concrete ideas tailored to allow our imaginations to paint literal pictures and yet the metaphors and suggestions behind the outward trappings showcase a much broader and deeper understanding of human nature. As the saying goes, “the clothes (or in this case, hat) maketh the man” – and yet there is so much more revealed in other ways. Fascinating prompt idea ….

  2. writingwhatnots

    Wow. Love how you have tailored your words – the hat and the metaphors within it. The last line telling its own story.

  3. We all try to hide under our different hats, such a good metaphor and the last lines shines!

  4. Very neat, the way you tied that up at the end. Sometimes too much distraction and camouflage gives away the thing one tries to hide, yeah? Good stuff, and wonderful prompt.

  5. Excellent write Mish, and that hat would break a neck I fear.

  6. Glenn A. Buttkus

    This one overlaps perfection, making a grand illustration for your interesting prompt. When he wasn’t wearing sunglasses, regardless of his garish costume, his eyes told the whole story.

  7. Beautiful description, but the tone unfolds so strongly in the last lines….I like that, very much..

  8. This is gorgeously worded! I especially resonate with; “but I see….ancient stratums precariously piled in colours of rain and pain.” 💝💝

  9. Ah a hat for the soul. An interesting surreal response


  10. in colours of rain
    and pain,

    these words feel like a gut punch, Mish – so real!


  11. Oh, very clever, very poignant.

  12. A beautiful poem and a great statue. I like how you went from the real statue to the the metaphor of inner thoughts and feelings. The eyes always have a story to tell!

  13. That last line is the perfect garnish for your layered metaphors! Very poignant and your verse leads by example.

  14. I am loving this interesting prompt and the poems that stemmed from it! Yours is layered with lovely imagery and monologue!

  15. This is so beautiful with all of the alliteration and withheld emotion – a moving poem!

  16. Love this descriptive, well worded poem, Mish!


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