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All Because of a “Crupleprat”/ Stealing a Nonsense Word

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A crupleprat, a crupleprat

what do you do with a crupleprat?

poke it gently? kick it hard?

does it live out in the yard?

is it wide? is it short?

does it fizzle? does it snort?

where’d you find it?

tell me please, will it really

make me sneeze?

a crupleprat, a crupleprat

is it just a spoiled brat?

for hiding it’s identity

in all of this nonsensity

a crupleprat, a crupleprat

Bjorn just bought a crupleprat

I hope its friendly, not a louse

I hope it doesn’t eat his house

OH this is silly, that I know

so now dear poets

I will go!

I was a little too curious about the “crupleprat” in Bjorn’s poem, but he kindly set me straight in this one.

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  1. Ha ha ha! That was brilliant! Just like that, a crupleprat!

  2. a great spin on Bjorn’s monster, Dr Seuss would be impressed!

  3. Oh brilliant! Very Seuss-ish this

  4. Stellar Mish… 🙂👍🏼

  5. Haha…that cruplecrat thing is getting around!

  6. Thank you, I am still smiling. Love the pace!

  7. So much fun… and yes I had to write about about the crupleprat as well


  8. Oh, this is too much fun, Mish! I love the interaction between the two of you in nonsense-poem format 🙂

  9. Seussical beyond Seussical! Loved this, Mish.

  10. Mish, this is such a fantastic spin-off! Love this.

  11. Silliness breeds silliness, such fun.

  12. Very cute! Well done Mish!

  13. FUN reply to Bjorn’s ditty….ode to the Crupleprat!


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