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Plight of Persephone

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she hides in summer’s heart

wrapped in rays of sun

and the velvet of plum petals

she sifts ocher-orange saffron

between her fingers

lingering safely from

Hades den and season’s end

she slumbers deep, dreams

of stigmas dried,

forever deadened

but autumn returns

petals lose grip

walls tumble

and one beloved soul

returns to the underworld

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I am happy to be your host. Doors open at 3 p.m. EST.

This offering is a late response to Sarah’s poetic prompt,Persephone”.

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  1. So beautiful and solemn, Mish! ❤️❤️

  2. Glenn A. Buttkus

    Lovely and sad rocking of yesterday’s prompt. I, too, tended to think of Persephone as an abused victim.

  3. Love the transition from summer to autumn. Particularly adore: she sifts ocher-orange saffron. Thanks for hosting OLN.

  4. This is beautiful and sad. And very vivid, I can see her among the flowers before the walls crumble again. 🌹

  5. So beautiful and poignant Mish, the way she found sanctuary in Summer’s heart 💛

  6. Beautiful… life well and purposely lived until death releases us from our duties…love g

  7. This was a delightful re-telling of the myth. You creatively and sparsely let us see her enjoying the fruits and beauty of Earth while knowing her time is short and she is missed down under. Very well written!

  8. Eloquent, exquisite, lovely!

  9. All of these Persephone poems have been just exquisite, yours included.

  10. I think of her dreaming all summer stigma free. Gentle yet powerful feelings regarding the myth, Mish.

  11. writingwhatnots

    Love the especially the introduction to the poem ‘ she hides in summer’s heart’.

    • writingwhatnots

      Sorry, that should say, I especially love the introduction to the poem …’she hides in summer’s heart.’

  12. There is a sadness between summer light and autumn’s darkness. Slumbering in dreams deep…oh, I wonder what her deepest wish would be in the night…

  13. A really nice take on the prompt Mish.

  14. Vandana Sharma

    All the beauty emerges and goes in one blink, but is worth it!

  15. So tragic, her story…I like the dual meaning in ‘dreams/of stigmas dried,’ this really speaks to me as I’m in the North of England at the moment and there’s definitely a hint of autumn in the air!

  16. Ooh, some great lines! I liked
    “she slumbers deep, dreams

    of stigmas dried,

    forever deadened”

  17. Beautiful flower imagery. (K)

  18. Your poem as lovely as the name ~~~ Persephone.


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