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This is Not a Chair

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but a heartbeat rhythm

new mother nerves

a nest of love seeds

first smiles and songs

it is an echo of all I ever

dreamed for them

blank slates for stories untold

it is fear of finding fault

in my own good intentions

and the courage to embrace them

it is the cry that subsides

in a swaddle as Luna looks on

stars in eyes and pies in skies

a reminder of the greatest bond



In response to Poetics at dVerse Poets Pub.

We are writing “object poems” that begin with “This is Not a…….”

Join in for more details!


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  1. A simple chair, or anything, becomes precious when it holds such memories – some fond, yet all a part of one’s journey.

  2. Such a heartwarminf piece. Nicely done!

  3. Beverly Crawford

    Such memories of blank slates and forever bonds! Beautiful.

  4. Truly, breathtaking poetry. Thank you.

  5. a wonderful ode to motherhood!
    There is no right way, the proof is in the adult offspring …

  6. This is a wonderful choice for the prompt. Rockers are such great furniture pieces. The stories they could tell of late nights rocking the baby… of time so peace and solitude… of creaking joints that sing to us as we rock. I love your poem.

  7. A beautiful poem about the best job in the world, Mish!

  8. The greatest bond indeed. (K)

  9. Love how it brought back those memories… the chair probably still holds part of the warmth of motherhood.

  10. I am not a person who cares about things. Yet, I still have my rocking chair. It holds too many happy memories to give up.
    Thank you for helping me recall those sweet moments.


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