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how delicate is this life

that one word, one mis…step

the bending of one finger

can rip a hundred hearts apart?

the way the zephyr innocently snaps

a limb so sturdy lush and green

or the fate of the field mouse feasting on seeds

as red hawk’s talons take hold

the hiker’s boot carelessly crushing

the castle of the dawdling slug

or the fragile web that can only hold so much

of dawn’s dew drop tears

only love is infinite and still

time, thoughts, nature, earth…

everything else moves

everything else dies




For Open Link Night. Bjorn is our fearful leader and host as we go LIVE at 3 p.m. EST.

More details at dVerse Poets Pub.

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  1. Spot on Mish – enjoyed this a lot… Only love survives us all, for sure… And the very best of lessons it is too – only the love we leave behind truly lives on… So what better focus could we all have to do our best, whilst we are here…

  2. Listening you read this gave such an added depth… I know how much pain you are in, and this tribute is so raw.

  3. “or the fragile web that can only hold so much of dawn’s dew drop tears/only love is infinite,”… this is so deeply profound, Mish! 💝

  4. I agree with Björn, about your voice giving this depth. The anguish in this is palpable, but it holds the resolve of unending love.

  5. I also agree with others about your reading. I’m so sorry for your loss. Your poem definitely expresses the grief and pain, but I loved the last four lines–love remains when everything else is gone.

  6. Beautiful!!! So meaningful ❤️

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  7. It is beautiful, heartbreaking, and so poignant. Tears are in my eyes, especially after reading the final few lines. Wow.

  8. Beautiful Mish. Life is very fragile as we have all learned. A word can cut and destroy… but a word can also lift up and give hope! When we thing of constants in this life, we are not included! Everything dies eventually.

  9. Mish, the raw pain here and while listening to you read today brings a deep sorrow for your sudden loss of a precious part of your world.

  10. I’m with Björn, Mish, about the added depth – your reading touched me deeply. Writing about loss gives the pain some shape and soothes it but will never take it away. As you say, only love is infinite and still.

  11. Glenn A. Buttkus

    Love is the common denominator, love spent and love regenerated. Our open mic live events really enhance both our fellowship and our work. Sending a big hug to salve your sorrow.

  12. Mother Wintermoon

    The fragility of life —- such a deep, sorrowful and meaningful poem. It spoke to me of grief, pain, loss and the spark of hope.

  13. This world is quite fragile and interconnected Mish. Human’s have failed to recognize that ant earth is suffering — time is very short. I loved the “live” OMN, hope it continues! 🙂

  14. oh this is so delicately deliciously delightful Mish, love it!

    Everything is impermanent but love can get us through, so true 🙂


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