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you planted me

in richest soils

spoke in sunshine-lies

I smiled through shadows, weeds

naive to your gnarly roots

creeping ’round my garden-heart

I forgave the rain


ripping petals one by one

but God sees your ways

and I will bloom

without you



44 words of poetry including the word “garden”.

We are honoured to have Victoria C. Slotto hosting our Quadrille prompt.

Doors open at 3 p.m. EST.

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  1. The resilience of every flower is amazing I think… bloom they know how to do despite the rain.

  2. Gnarly roots hiding under the soil is a great way to put it.

  3. You had me at the title, Mish. That is perfect in its own right!

    “I smiled through shadows, weeds
    naive to your gnarly roots
    creeping ’round my garden-heart…”

    I love these fascinating, heartbreaking lines. This whole poem is the perfect analogy on perseverance in spite of the circumstances. That is very powerful and impactful writing entwined in the beauty of your words. Absolutely beautiful writing and a great take on the prompt. I enjoyed it greatly!

  4. Those last three lines really drive home the perseverance and gives it such weight. Beautiful Mish.

  5. Apply this to people and such a profound metaphor. This is a wonderful, well-thought-out poem, Mish. I think the fact that you personified the flower makes it so strong.

  6. Glenn A. Buttkus

    Life finds a way, doesn’t it? Clever, giving the plant the first person. Reminds me of weeds growing up through a crack in concrete.

  7. I read this as an allegory….a person naive to another’s gnarly roots, and the affirming decision to bloom alone.
    On second reading, I’m reminded of the phrase “bloom where ever you are planted.” 🙂

  8. Such a strong and awe inspiring sense of resilience in this one, Mish! 💝💝

  9. I love the resilience and defiance in this one. Blooming despite it all.

  10. I love the images in your sad poem of the tending the heart. Your ending is perfect!

  11. Lovely, working on both levels. I like the resilience of the flower/person.

  12. Strength and determination, important to new growth.

  13. Luv the defiance in your promise of cultivation
    Happy Wednesday


  14. yes persistence in the face of obstacles … we all need that now!
    well composed Mish

  15. woah! that powerful ending made my day. such strength!

  16. The truth always comes out in the end. A poignant extended metaphor, rich with luscious imagery!

  17. Oh how delightfully contrary is this flower! I adore its defiant sass. Those last three lines nail it. Like humanity in the world of COVID, we’re digging in deep and surviving, so there!

  18. The strength in this gives me hope.


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