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you win

drafting me unwillingly

one more warrior

in a choke


I. could. die.

simply thinking about

the risk

you’ve offered me

on a silver platter

like the devil, sly

with guileful grin

but this fool isn’t your fix

I choose

to live



I am an RECE ( Registered Early Childhood Educator), “Educator” being the key word. Infants, toddlers and preschoolers learn through hands on exploration, purposeful play and socialization. In the midst of a pandemic, I will soon be expected to return to this environment where social distancing is not possible and little ones require close contact. I am not a health care worker but will be expected to assume the same risk. At 59, I am forced to decide between safety or an income. It haunts me daily.


 It’s Quadrille time at dVerse. De is our wonderful host.

The word is “fix” to be included in a 44 word poem.


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  1. Yeah!!!Stay safe


  2. kaykuala

    but this fool isn’t your fix
    I choose to live

    Yes! Face it and fight it. No one has the right to walk through over us!


  3. It does make us rethink life when death is knocking at our door! Choose Life!! Yes, I agree we will not qo down quietly!

  4. Praying for your safety and health, Mish.

    • We need to fight will all we have, as the invisible enemy invades our very being. It’s a difficult choice that many are having to make. Stay safe wishing you health and peace of mind.

  5. I wish you peace as you go through the deciding process. Hugs to you for having to decide.

  6. I love the defiance in your quadrille,. Mish.

  7. I hope you stay safe… a good indication from our country where childcare has remained open all through the pandemic that very few teachers are among the ones getting covid… it seems like children are less contagious than grown-ups… you should probably worry more about your colleagues than the children…

  8. I like the ending with the choice to live.

  9. What a situation you are in Mish. I can’t imagine being forced to make that choice. Currently hubby and I are working from home full time. But our work does not involve kids, so I can only offer you comfort and hugs.

  10. Being 65 yo and a physician assistant on furlough due to lack of patients, but soon I will be asked to return, like you too. BTW, you definitely ARE a health care provider ! I too am wondering about the risk vs income. But we have the luxury of worrying. Most people in the world have no choice — they must choose the risk of death — they have no savings, no working spouse etc…. In my free time now I am studying Spanish and doing it on iTalki where I talk face-to-face with native Spanish speakers: Columbia, Spain, Venezuela, Honduras and more — the situations are dire! You poem captures this so, so well. nicely done.

  11. Stay safe. Your life is worth it.

  12. oh, Mish what a horrible predicament. Take care of yourself as best you can…I don’t envy you the decision you have to make.


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