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I am a seed

without a season

buried deep

in the cold compost

of my dreams

flood thirsty, time flushed

endless roots reaching

for the reason I rise

but I will not wilt

in recycled soils

I am hidden

only to surprise

the sun



It’s Quadrille time at dVerse. Pen us a poem of 44 words including the word “flush” or a derivative. I am your host. Doors open at 3 p.m. The prompt is open all week.




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  1. “flood thirsty, time flushed” is just wonderful, Mish.

  2. I know today’s prompt word is ‘flush’, but isn’t ‘burgeon’ a fabulous word? I love your seed without a season, Mish. I just want it to feel sun on its cold compost dreams and shoot out to surprise it! I also love ‘time flushed’.

  3. I like the anticipation of surprising the sun.

  4. “I am hidden only to surprise the sun” What a delightful flipping of the script. No wonder the sun shines with so many wondrous surprises 🙂

  5. A wonderful poem. really love the end. To surprise the sun, what a wonderful thing to be able to do.

  6. Glenn A. Buttkus

    I saw in my mind one of those strong weeds that grow out of the cracks in concrete.

  7. This could be a rebirth, following the trying period in which we find ourselves.

  8. Really nice line – flood thirsty, time flushed – each one by itself would have been great, nut together – wow!

  9. “flood thirsty,
    time flushed”
    Interesting use of the prpmpt, Bravo!!!
    Happy Monday


  10. Beverly Crawford

    Seems written by someone who loves gardening! I love sun surprises!

  11. I really loved the first lines of this poem. Really drew me in.

  12. A great poem. Seeds are most amazing things… they can lie dormant for years and still germinate with the right conditions.

    ..and surprise the sun!!

  13. Wow, the life of a seed, flood thirsty, time flushed. Wonderful!

  14. Lots to like here – particularly how the alliteration – “roots reaching / for the reason I rise’ gives the poem movement in the second half down to the conclusion. Sun better watch out.

  15. Hear, hear! Such powerful poem.

  16. the first two lines alone give pause for thought and so much imagination grows from them. Also they are lovely just to sound over and over
    “I am a seed

    without a season”

  17. Holding fast through it all!! A fighter. Sounds like the weeds I’m at war with in my garden.
    A good one Mish.


  18. Captures well the present atmosphere of waiting. (K)

  19. Hi Mish,
    Hope you are staying safe and healthy.
    Lovely poem…love the compost and recycled soil 🙂


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