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Picacho Peak

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after the climb

I rest

inhaling indigo

of cloudless skies

exhaling all but my soul

the sun is an ocean

wrapping me lukewarm

politely peeling the pieces

fears flaking

sorrows shedding

I lay them out

stone cold on the mesa

to wilt and wither




A “quadrille” consists of 44 words, not including the title. It is a favourite form over at dVerse Poets Pub. This week we are including the word “peel”. I am pleased to be your host. Feel free to join in. Doors open at 3 p.m.

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  1. Loving this…..the hiking, the stopping to inhale and feel….and the unburdening of cares and worries. Bliss.

  2. Ah, this feels like a long sigh in the warm sun. I love the peeling away of fears and sorrows.

  3. What a wonderful way of losing the sorrows… nature has a great way of making things good.

  4. I love the peacefulness of ‘inhaling indigo / of cloudless skies / exhaling all but my soul’ and the sun ‘politely peeling the pieces’. What a way to rid oneself of fear and sorrow!

  5. I like the thought of the fears and sorrows being left on the mesa.

  6. This is so calm and peaceful Mish.

  7. I enjoyed your use of alliteration in this one.

  8. Glenn A. Buttkus

    Many of us have been there with you, in the foothills, or the forests, or the canyons and mesas. Such a lovely jaunt and a hopeful message.

  9. What a calming place. Nice that the fears are “flaking” away.

  10. I like this idea of peeling away your fears and laying them out on the mesa. Nature can definitely rejuvenate us!

  11. I like what you do with your fears and sorrows!

  12. A wonderful description of a cleansing moment

  13. Luv the layers of soaring and conquering fear


  14. I love this!

    “fears flaking

    sorrows shedding”

  15. Sounds like a beautiful climax to climb!

  16. I have made climbs where I peeled layers of myself. Yes, to inhale that indigo sky really is a breath of wonder.

  17. “politely peeling the pieces”…the gentle persuasion of the sun. Lovely piece!

  18. Peeling fears away… an interesting concept. Fear has a hard time holding it power in the light of day!

  19. “politely peeling the pieces
    fears flaking”

    Such a clever and tender way of using the word. Beautiful, Mish!

  20. Lovely, just lovely. I especially like these lines,
    “wrapping me lukewarm
    politely peeling the pieces”

  21. A beautiful letting go Mish, I love how the sun is ‘politely peeling the pieces’ xxx

  22. This is beautiful, descriptive, and peaceful. I felt there myself, peeling away sorrows and finding healing.

  23. sounds so rewarding .. a real sense of peace 🙂


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