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Let Me Burst Your Bubble

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what you don’t know

will hurt you anyways

because truth

is the only reality

the liar knows the truth

therefore the truth exists

it is never hidden

you carry on without knowing

but you are living within a lie

and that is pain….un-felt

a secret is a perspective

it’s an illusion, my friend




Merril is hosting Poetics this week and she has asked us to write about secrets.

dVerse Poets Pub



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  1. I fear for the pain….un-felt, somehow I feel that the ugliest of secrets will catch up with us one day.

  2. Those deep, dark secrets always do seem to come out some day to destroy lives.

  3. Well-said, Mish, no matter how many times we refuse to acknowledge it, it’s there, waiting.

  4. Good point: one can’t keep the secret from its source.

  5. Illusion or not, secrets gnaw deep within.

  6. Wow! You really socked it to us… no secrets here …only truth.
    Well done!

  7. oh that ending is like a bomb!

  8. A great title, Mish, and I love the final lines! Lies are the soap in the bubble – the truth is the pop.

  9. A secret is a perspective.. This is a nice thing to ponder on

  10. Ah, that title. So often people resist the burst of the bubble they’ve constructed. And the weight of the unfelt pain! I do love the ending, like a quick suture, the bubble bursts and is seen for the illusion it was. Beautifully done!

  11. Wow Mish! Well done, and so much truth here.

  12. Pain, yet to be felt, when secrets are told to yourself. Great topic to dive into.

  13. Love the title….and these two lines
    “a secret is a perspective
    it’s an illusion”
    What is that saying, omission is still a lie?

    • I was referring to secrets that are lies and how the one holding the secret may feel that whatever they have hidden has no affect….since it is hidden. I think the secret/lie is so powerful it isn’t really a secret at all. It toys with reality….for the liar and the one lied to.


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