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you are my green chile

kokopelli dream

soft sound of hiking boots

tapping on sandstone

my sun, uninterrupted

blessing mesas

the aqua blue of desert skies

set against canyons calling

in sacred language of silence

scents of cedar, earth and peace

you reset me




44 words is a quadrille, our original poetry form at

dVerse Poet’s Pub.

Merril is our host and the given word is “set”. Feel free to join in.

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  1. That was a breathtaking write Mish, and a gorgeous photo! Love the Southwest almost as much as the Northwest. They are my Yin & Yang…

  2. a genuine affection is felt here for the person/place/thing. “resets” are vital

  3. Nice poem Mish. Great that you have such a person in your life to bring peace and to reset you

  4. I like the “sacred language of silence”.

  5. in sacred language of silence – I think in silence our inner peace can be reset. Lovely photo and poem. I went to Arizona a year ago and it was beautiful, I walked up to some old ruins and it left me breathless.

  6. Sounds like a sacred place. Thanks for the visit, I was there through your words.

  7. Have you been to Sedona? Your poem wonderfully captures how I feel when I’m there.

  8. This transported me right back to the foothills of Superstition Mountain in Apache Junction, Lovely! Thank you.

  9. How beautifully matched! Poem and art are a pair.

  10. So, I’m finally getting to this! 🙂 Lovely, Mish. And that photo is breathtaking!


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