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-Dandelion – Beverly Dyer


time slips deep

into season’s end

autumn spins tales to me


spin tales to me

we are seeds


through the cosmos

at the speed of lies

majestically reckless

spinning further and further

from the light

      spinning further and further

from the truth

         spinning further

     and further….



For “Poetics” at dVerse Poets Pub, I am pleased to present the work of

Beverly Dyer

Join us in a collaboration of art and poetry!

Doors open at 3 p.m. EST.

Image: “Dandelion” by Beverly Dyer












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  1. Oh.. the speed of lies, what a reckless spiral that is… category 5 at least… those dandelion parachutes will end up very far from where they started.

  2. I love the title, which really fits the picture, Mish, and how the shape of the poem reflects the spinning dandelion seeds. I like the idea of autumn spinning tales and seeds catapulting through the cosmos at the speed of lies.

  3. The speed of lies – wow. Few things can travel that fast except maybe gossip. I like the shape of this poem, how it reflects the dandelion seeds flying through they cosmos. thank you for this lovely prompt. I enjoyed it immensely!

  4. I love the artwork you chose and the depth of the dandelions shows the layers of deception.

  5. Glenn A. Buttkus

    Terrific response to the water color. Artwork always make great prompts. This swirling spread of parachute seeds makes a strong allegory. The poem ends still in motion just like the sea of dandelions rousted by wind .

  6. Beverly Crawford

    The “speed of lies” took me directly to our seat of government unfortunately! Very wise and well-written. Lies travel as quickly as dandelion fluff don’t they?

  7. I like the thought of those seeds spinning tales as they blow away.

  8. I’ve read this over and over. Powerful. Thank you!

  9. Wow. Powerful writing and captures the painting beautifully. You nailed it! Excellent writing!

  10. I love that image, it was my other choice too.Really like the strong emphasis on spinning further and further away from truth at the speed of lies. Thanks for hosting.

  11. You’ve taken me on a kind of cosmic time travel around the axis of truth and untruth….love it.

  12. This image really catches the imagination. The words seemed to swirl free searching for a sense of reality.

  13. What an interesting take on the painting. Life spinning out of control as winter approaches! Well done!

  14. Nature is abundant and almost wilfull with her seeds.

  15. I am spinning, spinning–truth, lies, and the cosmos. Wonderful!

  16. Ah, the tales we weave and the stories we tell ourselves. Wonderful imagery.

  17. Beautiful. Love the art as well as the many ways your poem can be read.

  18. Wow. Season’s end alright. “at the speed of lies/ majestically reckless” What a take on billowing dandelions!

  19. MIsh, brilliant poem to fit the painting…especially your phrase, “catapulting through the cosmos”. We are dandy liars, it seems!

  20. It’s all a blur these days. Catapulting–exactly. (K)

  21. great rendition, seeds and lies, the tales we spin!

  22. Excellent interpretation Mish, of this piece you chose of Beverly’s art. Wonderful choice!


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