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The Hush

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It’s the space between steps

hollow of waves curling

gleam of seagull’s wings


  the slow




                  slipping off lips


as clouds collage in peach

and magenta


It’s the wander

without map or path

where trees speak in tongues

of nature lover’s dreams



A Quadrille for

dVerse Poet’s Pub

 Lillian has offered us “tranquility”

to include in our 44 word poems.

You can join in too!


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  1. I like your visual flashes, almost as if you were looking around and storing photos in your head. Peace-inducing format also, like flowing water.

  2. This is beautiful, Mish. It is so very peaceful. Sigh.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous in every way possible: words…spacing…sound when read aloud…imagery.
    Clouds collage in peach and magenta…exquisite. Love using collage as a verb here.

  4. A perfect calming moment.

  5. Trees speak in tongues … yes indeed, majestic lines.

  6. I wonder if we reach tranquility through scenery or if we only see the wonderful colors with tranquil eyes.

  7. A wander without map–what a great image! (K)

  8. I like the idea that “…trees speak in tongues.”

  9. “where trees speak in tongues” – Love that!

  10. I love the format of the words, that exhale,slipping off lips. Beautiful Mish.


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