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Water Play

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waves are winking, teasing

making my heart sing silly

each one feeding the void

I am soaked, featherweight

vulnerable, alive

this infinite lake

will swallow you whole

if you let it

I let it nibble






A pier in Lake Michigan. Key word “in” as the Great Lakes hit record high water levels.Β 

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  1. Wow- lovely words and awesome photos Mish.

  2. What a fascinating world… with such water-levels the pier looks more like a weir (weird)

  3. Such playful waves, winking and teasing, Mish! I love the closing lines and the accompanying photos, which make my heart sing silly too.

  4. Oh my goodness, Mish, unreal how high the water is. The pier is a hazard to boaters not paying attention and to walkers with no railings or lights. In a storm it could be lethal.

  5. Ooh those photos are lovely and I see why they inspired your poem! Well done.

  6. Cement piers! I am used to wooden ones high above the water. How very interesting. I can see why the water would set you heart singing silly songs. I like this poem about water so much. Makes me want to dance a jig on top of one of the piers.

  7. Beverly Crawford

    I loved the combination of words and water. Amazing high-water level!

  8. Wonderful words and pictures.

  9. Oh, that nerve racking nibbler, be careful, but so fierce to be a traveler to taste something infinite. Luv it Mish!

  10. A vibrant metaphor for life actually, life is dangerous and deadly, it envelopes and swallows us, that feeling of an awesome void before us, and the flat persistent beauty and power, and how it teases us to make us feel it. Coming back to it again, I STILL luv it!

    • Thanks for your enthusiasm and thoughtful comments. A lake of this size is overwhelmingly powerful, an abyss in which you could be easily lost forever. Walking to the lighthouse did resemble life….can’t get to where you want, without risk.

      • so exactly true. I am a pretty bold person with hiking along edges and moutains and such, but I trembled a bit at the thought of walking all the way out to that lighthouse on that narrow pier surrounded only by Great Lake. I guess we don’t always tremble when we look at life as a day by day or step by step process, but when we pan back and take in the scope, it can be a different matter.

  11. Best to let it nibble then! This made me smile! -Jen

  12. Very nice! I only let it nibble my toes these days!

  13. The Great Lakes are so impressive. I thought the photo was the top of a submarine! Enjoyed the lighthearted feeling of this summer poem.

  14. …. “winking and teasing”
    “making my heart sing silly”
    Such playful thoughts that blend together.
    There is something about the word “teasing” in a poem… It conjures up so many possibilities. I love this.

  15. Flirting with mother nature, eh? You make it sound so tempting! Lovely photos too.

  16. lovely light lines and indeed playful especially with that nibble

  17. I love how the waves play! Great pictures!

  18. Wonderful piece Mish β€” great pics.

  19. Nothing like a large body of water to soothe the soul. (K)

  20. playful words with great pics!


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