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I remember swaying to the cricket beat

As midnight moon spilled her light

Grass-tickled, pickled with dreams

Free falling into the raven-black night


Dreams fizzle and fade like stone-grey tides

I am still star-stunned, staring at the skies

And as I embrace this velvety void

My heart will still dance with the fireflies



“Darkness came, full of moths and beetles. I was oppressed by the velvety emptiness of the word and swathes of soft grass. Then the fumes of the night put me to sleep”

– As I walked out one Midsummer morning –

Laurie Lee


A late response to Laura Bloomsbury’s Poetic prompt,

” Literary Alchemy with Laurie Lee”.

I am pleased to be your host for Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub.

Share one poem and indulge in the wonderful work of other poets.




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  1. Oh this poem is wonderful. Star-stunned. I do like that phrase. This is a beautiful poem Mish.

  2. Hello Mish lovely poem so happy to see you here 💜🙋🏼‍♀️

  3. Love the nighttime imagery in this!

  4. This is lovely. Not calm and placid so much as energetic, full of purpose, like those fireflies whirling.

  5. goes to show that Poetics sometimes leaves the best til last – lovely lyrical piece and very memorable are your lines “pickled with dreams”

    • and the popping alliterations alternated with the rhymes too, pickled tickled…
      still star-stunned, staring… many other examples in this lovely piece, I agree with Jane, the sounds move this up and forward, energetically and beautifully. So well done Mish!

  6. Wowww!! ❤️ This is utterly gorgeous in its phrasing and use of imagery, Mish 😀 I especially love; “star-stunned, staring at the skies.”

  7. Beautiful response Mish. I specially love that last line: My heart will still dance with the fireflies.
    Enjoy your summer and thanks for hosting.

  8. Love your enchanted approach in this poem, Mish.

  9. Thanks for sharing this fine piece! Excellent write. Beautiful, and I love the image! See you in a couple weeks Mish. In honor of Solli Raphael: A Smidgen of Thought

  10. Really love the way you took this… sometime I wish for nights like that… our nights are so short and never really dark…

  11. This poem is infused with the essence of summer, Mish! It’s so full of night-time sounds, such as ‘grass-tickled’, ‘pickled’ and ‘fizzled’, and I love how you described that feeling of ‘Free falling into the raven-black night’.


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