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As Stars Go Dim

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Hope eludes her. Night embraces her. Like an old friend, it takes her by the hand to search for the light. Illusive. Dawn becomes the deadline for this decision, the last one she will make.


ink-shadows seduce

the sun rises unnoticed

over faded flower




A quadrille haibun for dVerse Poets Pub

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255


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  1. Reblogged this on Frank J. Tassone and commented:
    #Haiku Happenings #7: Mish’s #quadrille #haibun for #dVersePoets!

  2. Beverly Crawford

    Ah, even the faded flower feels the warmth.

  3. An important piece, very well written. Thank you, Mish.

  4. pray that hope and life are the chosen way 🙂

  5. Toni influences many of us with her tight traditional haibuns. I considered writing one too, but as I typed the line breaks emerged; capped with a senryu.

  6. Oh gosh–this one is so powerful. So much in those few words.

  7. Wow a whole haibun tucked into a quadrille! Well done!

  8. Oh, this speaks of despair. Move away from the ink-shadow, do notice the sun that rises.
    It’s a well done, powerful haibun.

  9. I agree, a tight powerful haibun. I feel for those who feels this way is the last decision.

  10. I paused in reflection of your delicate words and your despondent subject.

  11. Let us hope that last decision will prove the right one Mish…

  12. Very nicely done! You captured the scene very well!

  13. Another wonderful haibun quadrille, Mish! I love the contrast of the lack of hope and light in the prose and the sun rising unnoticed in the haiku.

  14. I like the description of the night taking her by the hand. May it lead her to a light she did not expect.

  15. Those final decisions are so utterly lonely. You captured it so well.

  16. Sad when death is considered a solution…

  17. This is so immensely sad… sometimes I wish the sun would never rise.

  18. Your haiku at the end was so powerful, well done.

  19. I have read
    and re-read
    several times.
    Still a mystery for me.
    So many images,
    trying to take me by hand
    to the answer at heart.

    For some reason, your post – it touches me deeply, here within the heart…

    Thank you.


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