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The Freeze

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In winter’s doom, the rain awaits

For torchlight moon, to rise, elate

A myst of diamond pellets prance

Begins in waves, accumulates


In dreams of green and blossom blast

Awakened by the snow of last

We shiver, quake in arctic breath

And slip and slide to portals past



In response to “Poetics: Games Night” where Sarah has asked us “to choose 3 names from the list of computer game names below, and somehow or other wrangle them into a poem.”  I have incorporated five of them into this Rubaiyat, which I will also link to our most recent challenge in Poetry Forms.


Notes: The rhyme scheme is AABA. I did not choose to use the unrhymed B line sound from the first quatrain as the main rhyming sound in the next quatrain, therefore it is not interlinking. This is an option for the form.










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  1. Always a joy, Mish. I love the way you’ve taken this in a completely different direction, and a rubaiyat as well. Awestruck. I particularly love that myst of diamond pellets. Gorgeous.

  2. “A myst of diamond pellets prance” – I love the way this rolls! The tempo and rhyme of this piece was so comfortable and enjoyable Mish – nice!

  3. “…in dreams of green and blossom blast…”
    Oh my yes!
    We do have sunshine today – but there are cold temperatures and cold blasts of wind. Winter is still making its presence known here.

  4. Applause! Applause! This is excellent!

  5. amazing and so entertaining, using the computer games words was so imaginative, the last line was stellar!

  6. Mystical! A wonderful rhythm here. Will read again.

  7. I love how you used the game names into this poem… the meter is flawless

  8. Nice sound and description of winter. I like the ending of sliding to those past portals.


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