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“Like Air, I Rise” – Nancy Smith

She was tied and tethered to the words at her back
Like daggers, chiseling holes into her heart
One foot forward
The other melded in familiar ground
She settled for the grey of days passed
Pining for the glorious “at last” that never came
Time capsuled, she waited for someone,
Some thing to brush off the dirt of yesteryears

She faded
Into the darkness of candles never burned
Under the bellies of stones never turned
She lost her light
She lost her fight

Rise up, beckoned her soul
Rise up
This day as new as dawn’s embrace
Unleash the anchor that you have built
Link by link….. before

With strength, with courage, with grace
She faced the fear that bound her fate
In one moment chosen to change
Throwing her briny tears to the rain
She stood poised and prepared
With feathered weight and opened arms
One leap
Into the unknown

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It’s Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub! 

Post one poem of your choice. I am your host. Hope you can join us.

It was an honour to participate in “Women Speak”, a unique project by Nancy Smith. This was a poem that I submitted in response to her gorgeous piece, “Like Air, I Rise”.

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  1. Brilliant writing, from darkness and misery into hope… there is such courage in taking that first few steps into the light again.

  2. Wonderful poem Mish. I am sure the project was most enriching. Judging from your poem, it was also full of hope.

  3. A stirring message, spoonfuls of hope, cleverly written. While rising, will she also be roaring; smile? You had me at /into the darkness of candles never burned/.

  4. This feels so uplifting and optimistic. Lovely.

  5. A beautiful message filled with hope.

  6. Love that courageous leap to the unknown !!! There is always a way out to change and embrace the new path. Thank you Mish for a wonderful uplifting message.

  7. well crafted, particularly like the two rhyming verses in the middle, they are like a bridge in a song…”life is very short/ and there’s no time…

  8. The play on words with the “link by link” weighing us down of our own doing, clicking series of never ending hyperlinks to add to our knowledge and bring us down to our demise. Haha, maybe that’s not where you were going at all with this, but I do find myself, yes, I find myself free to breathe when I stop all the “linking” and unfasten myself from the chain.

    • I was definitely thinking of self inflicted/created links. I like your techno version of hyperlinks that never end…continual excuses to never move forward.

  9. Therisa Godwaldt

    Sadly, Mish, your poem hits too close to home for me, as I live with PTSD, chronic depression and anxiety/panic attacks. One day, I hope that I can enter into the light again, and live it fully.

  10. I love the idea of “throwing briny tears to the rain” and being willing to embrace the unknown. Such a wonderful portrayal of courage in this poem 💞

  11. I like your use of random rhyming in this, it’s effective, creates pauses.

  12. I like the cleverness of “time capsuled.” And the ending. And the title. And what’s in between.

  13. I like the music of this with both the rhymes and the repetitions that give a start-stop rhythm to the stanzas.

  14. What a beautiful poem about breaking free Mish… 🙂 The image is so small on my iPad screen i can’t quite make it out…

  15. rising up, at the beckoning of the soul, a powerful turn

  16. A wonderful poem of resurrection and renewed strength! Such great imagery in your poem! I love the time capsule metaphor!

  17. Nice line about dirt and the past: “Some thing to brush off the dirt of yesteryears”

  18. such hope and possibilities in these words

  19. From despair to hope, brilliantly written!

  20. Alright Mish! You’ve convinced me, I’ll do it, here I go, watch me rise! Candles? Burn! Stones? Turn! Two and a half years, look for a face in instead of a cocoon, I’m coming out, not now— soon!
    Loving this,both cautionary tale and inspiring! Thanks 💜

  21. I was swept away, by the words that spoke of a woman’s gentle strength to overcome, your use of words are beyond brilliant, i feel the courage is drawn from the darkest part of her and then changing into a a guiding light.

  22. Beautiful and soul-stirring, Mish! I like the rhythm–like gathering strength to rise. It sounds like it must have been a wonderful project.

  23. I truly relate to this. So beautiful 🌟🌟🌟👍🏽

  24. I love the vivid descriptions of both falling and rising up. Beautiful write!

  25. t_r_a_v_e_l_l_e_r

    This got me. Really great.


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