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The Petrichor

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Turquoise skies blend into ebony

Over mesa horizons

Clouds give a glorious wink

Before caressing canyons

Raindrops tease in random spurts

Glossing earth’s parched lips

Dust rises in protest

Then succumbs to the deluge

Dampening desert dreams

I inhale the petrichor

And the moment


Its Quadrille time! Write a poem of 44 words, excluding the title. De is our host and her chosen word to include is “wink”. Join in the fun at dVerse Poets Pub.

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  1. You painted a lovely canvas specially with: Clouds give a glorious wink.

  2. This is so beautiful. I had to go back and read again to find the prompt – very well done.

  3. I like how the raindrops tease and the clouds wink.

  4. Wow! You absolutely made every word count. I relished the simple rhythm you established and the clever use of alliteration. I’m going to carry these images with me.

  5. an atmospheric poem and also felt like taking a bit out of a very puffy sweet puff pastry delight

  6. I do remember the scent of the first drop of rain in a desert… a perfect perfume

  7. This is exquisitely drawn.. 🙂 I especially love the image of “glossing earth’s parched lips”..❤️

  8. So descriptive! Love those winking clouds and turquoise skies.

  9. I love the way the turquoise skies blend into ebony, the raindrops gloss earth’s parched lips, and the alliteration that sounds like raindrops in the lines:
    ‘Dampening desert dreams’.

  10. Absolutely stunning, Mish!

  11. Your personification of the elements is sublime🙂

  12. Lovely, Mish! I can smell that raindrop.

  13. Hi Mish! I enjoyed reading your poem here, it was well written… and quite beautiful, including the pic… 🙂

    …rob from Image & Verse
    My “wink”


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