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Autumn Hush

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It was an early phone call for a Saturday. My brother’s caller ID but not his voice. My mother forced words she could not yet comprehend herself. He was gone. I asked where he went.


moonbeams radiate

October sky remembers

flicker of fallen star



For Quadrille Monday at dVerse. Kim has offered us the word “early” for our 44 word poems. This prompt is open all week.

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  1. So tragic, Mish. I’m sorry. Your haiku is breathtaking.

  2. I am so sorry. A beautiful tribute to your brother

  3. My heart melts with yours. Peace friend.

  4. My condolences. Not a big fan of those calls. Avery emotional write with the proper tender voice for delivery.

  5. My condolences, Mish. A good tribute.

  6. I dread those kind of calls. Sorry to read about the tragic news.

  7. So sorry for your loss..poignant and bittersweet haiku

  8. My deepest sympathy for your loss. Those calls are the worse.

  9. These words catch in my throat just the way sorrow does. Take care.

  10. A heartbreaking haibun-quadrille, Mish. I am so sorry for your loss. Such a stunning haiku in your brother’s memory.

  11. i am afraid to read words like these because i have had to make that call and i don’t know who suffers the most, the caller or the receiver. this is the most beautiful tribute to a loved brother – my heart holds you in the light for a little while more Mish. “my mother forced words she could not comprehend yet herself” I will remember this line for awhile i think

  12. Autumn hush…each word counts when your world stops. A powerful write.

  13. Oh this breaks my heart. Hugs to you. Bless his soul. Beautiful haiku.

  14. I like how you described your mother’s voice on the phone.

  15. Thank you for sharing this.

  16. We once got a very early call from the police… my father in law had been found dead in his house… so I do know that devastating feeling.

  17. Falling Stars
    LiVE oN
    iN heART
    eYes SpiRiT
    LoVinG EYes
    NouRiSHiNG LiVinG Souls..:)

  18. That second sentence is brilliant. You could tell the whole tragic story with just that one line.

  19. Your question at the end shows the unexpectedness. The haiku is beautiful.

    Sorry for your loss, Mish.

  20. I am sorry for your loss, Mish. That haiku is amazing.

  21. I am so sorry for your loss 😦 Mish. This is a touching poem.


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