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I am a gift

Of celestial descent

Partially unwrapped

Fearful of the flicker fading

Yet terrified of the light

How does one shine in the shadows

Cast of their own caliginous heart?


I am a question

Echoing in canyons barren

Bold and ambiguous

With no right to ask

Shall I wipe pure my thoughts

Bevel my edges

Sound the trumpet

At heaven’s gate

Or simply whisper in wonder

“Who is like God?”



We are writing poems inspired by the origin of our names. Amaya Engleking is our host! Doors open at 3 p.m. at dVerse Poets Pub.

My name is Michelle. I have incorporated two sources : the French meaning, “Gift from God” and the Hebrew origin meaning “Who is Like God?”

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  1. Beautiful poem! I am a gift..,

  2. I do love how you found two contradiction meanings… really goes together well too.

    • Thanks, Bjorn. It was unintentional to present them as a contrast but depending on interpretation of the question, I suppose they can be. I actually found the two meanings listed together as if they were one in the same. Interesting.

  3. Really like how this turned out.

  4. I like the title, Mish, and how you’ve structured your poem into a stanza for each meaning you found. I love the partially unwrapped gift and the word ‘caliginous’, and the question with no right to ask.

  5. I particularly liked the second verse – the wonder and wondering comes through really well.

  6. “Caliginous” WAS the unwrapped gift! Really, I appreciate hearing a new word. And the second stanza shared the same paradoxical imagery as the first: celestial yet afraid of light, isolated in a canyon yet a sound resounds from the beginning of time ricocheting off every wall. Because that question itself is you! Cool poem.

    • Thank you for noticing the resemblance, Amaya. I think I choose to embrace the meaning of “God’s gift” rather than a question that carries so much weight…..though I do love spending considerable amounts of time in canyons whenever possible. πŸ˜‰

  7. “I am a question”, that’s a beautiful way of interpreting it and a strong line to carry the poem to it’s powerful whispered conclusion.

  8. Beautiful! The whole poem is of celestial descent…. love it!

  9. I like the blending and juxtaposition of the dual meanings.

  10. I love your opening lines of I am a gift, and I am a quesion. Looks like a contradiction but really a journey of finding our way to heaven’s gate. Great to know you Mish!

  11. A gorgeous and tight poetic; really enjoyed it. I was amazed at how many definitions of each name can change and contradict depending on what country and language is involved. I love how your names coincides with Christ Consciousness.

  12. Nice poem and I loved the word ‘caliginous’ a new one for me

  13. I love this:

    “Partially unwrapped
    Fearful of the flicker”

    … and “I am a question”

  14. Nice lines: “How does one shine in the shadows

    Cast of their own caliginous heart?”

  15. Great Poem! Great question!!

  16. love learning your name has two meanings, both a strong connection to God. the contrasts are so well defined in your poem as is the meanings of the your name suggests.

  17. kaykuala

    Fearful of the flicker fading
    Yet terrified of the light

    Clever word-craft Mish, of contrasting meanings but made to support the contention


  18. Love the meanings of your name!

  19. Hi Mish.. And Thanks for the Very Interesting
    Prompt as the More Meaning and Purpose
    iN All Things Holy and
    Sacred in Life
    We Seek
    and Find
    the more
    We Love iT aLL
    So for now as far as
    Definitions of Names
    Go Go NoW Peaceful Ruler me MeASuring
    in As Strong And Keeper of the Land Living
    A Nice Day..
    Oops.. it was someone
    else who came up with
    the Prompt but thanks
    Anyway as it’s the Meaning and Purpose
    We Co-Create
    NoW No Matter wHat
    That /Who ReAlly Counts…
    Oh by A Way Ruling me is WHolly enough..;)

  20. I love these lines, so much:
    “I am a question

    Echoing in canyons barren

    Bold and ambiguous

    With no right to ask”

  21. I loved the contradictions in this. When I did my research for my name, I was astounded at how many meanings it has. Beautiful, Mish!

  22. Wow, the first words answer the last question, I think. And in between is the merry go round we all are on, wanting to know the why’s, what’s and how’s of our existence..nicely done.

  23. I think it is you, Mish.


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