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Flippant in Fall

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In the heart of autumn

I watch the thunderheads

Shading skies in charcoal

As retro rain of spring

Spits in rebellious spurts

Does it hurt to be compliant

And follow season’s rule-book?

Or is Mother Nature bored

Tired of the yuck of it all



For De’s Quadrille prompt over at dVerse Poets Pub. You can “Q” it too!

Just write a poem of 44 words, sans title, including the word “yuck”.

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  1. SO many awesome phrases here!

    Shading skies in charcoal”

    “rebellious spurts” and “retro rain”

    MUCH to love here, Mish.

  2. Everyone seems to be getting retro rain this year. It’s uncanny. You’re right, I think it’s spitting rebellious spurts Love the clever imagery

  3. You slid the ‘yuck’ in so cleverly – unexpected ending to a beautiful poem.

  4. I love this one — especially the phrase “retro rain.”

  5. We’re getting bored with the yucky weather this fall, for sure!

  6. Love this one, Mish, especially those ‘thunderheads / Shading skies in charcoal’ and rain splitting in ‘rebellious spurts’ – I can hear it!

  7. Beverly Crawford

    Autumn says yuck to summer and paints her world in glorious colors for a change of pace (at least in the Northern Hemisphere)

  8. Love the music and the humour in this.

  9. I love the thought of a rebellious fall saying yuck to us all

  10. It seems that Mother Nature loves all the yuck.

  11. Great lines here:

    “As retro rain of spring

    Spits in rebellious spurts”

    I think you’re on to something; perhaps mother nature is done with all of this too.

  12. So much to love here especially; “Shading skies in charcoal.” ❤


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