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Enclosed I am

Airless, breathless

Must confess to senseless

Gasping, panting,

Mindless ranting

One… two….breathe

I can’t control

The heart rush

Too much

Tightening, fear frenzy


I can’t breathe

Just breathe

I’m boxed in, locked in

With no escape

Now I hyperventilate


In response to De’s Quadrille prompt at dVerse Poets Pub. Join in with us at 3 p.m. EST. Write a 44 word poem that must include the word “box”.

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  1. I have slight claustrophobia sometimes, Mish, and I felt this, deeply.
    Love your word/sound choices here, especially:
    “Airless, breathless

    Must confess to senseless”

  2. I’m breathless just reading your quadrille, Mish. You’ve captured that feeling so well with the short lines, rhymes and repetition..

  3. Wow – reading this got me feeling downright breathless – very well done!

  4. I like the sound of “escape” and “hyperventilate” at the end.

  5. I feel that way when I get an MRI. Your poem is the perfect match to Lillian’s, describing how Jackie feels inside the box with the lid closed.

  6. Your poem is so visceral and raw. I feel like I’m trapped in a coffin, or underneath the collapsed scaffolding–a variation of taphophobia that I have.

    • Thank you for the comment, Frank. I’m sorry that you suffer as well. Is that a fear of holes? spelled trypophobia?

      • It’s a fear of being buried alive. I have a mild case. Usually happens when I walk under scaffolding. I’m irrationally certain it will collapse on me. But there I go, walking under it anyway! πŸ˜†

  7. Being boxed in, I can feel my heart and breathe racing fast! I want to escape….

  8. You have explained a panic attack very well!

  9. As a true clastrophobe, I can truly relate!

  10. I have had a few times of being claustrophobic. It is daunting, to say the least! Nicely put!

  11. Breathless skill here, left my heart rate up and keen to see the open sky again.

  12. I can truly feel it! My mother is claustrophobic so this poem really hits home for me.

  13. The agony is felt through the rhyme and the beat. Amazing!

  14. A perfect picture of claustrophobia. You captured the feeling of entrapment precisely.

  15. You have perfectly described a panic attack. I can feel it.

  16. This is a huge fear for me. The way you formatted this poem was vital in achieving that horrible panicked feeling.

  17. Just breathe… terrifying. Well crafted.

  18. A good description of an anxiety attack. I was locked in that box too😊


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