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From a window seat view

I watch clouds casting shadows

In puzzle-like fashion

Beauty mimicked from skies, majestic

To desolate, desert floors

In solitude they roam

Longing for home

I cushion them gently between

My thumb and pointer finger

Dreaming each piece into place



Its Quadrille Monday at dVerse Poets Pub and I am your host.

You are welcome to join in! Doors open at 3 p.m. EST.

Photo taken in flight over Nevada.


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  1. Lovely. Very creative.

  2. I love this… the sense of dreaming you can only get when you travel a long way.

  3. beautiful! I love the sense of dreaming, looking at the clouds, seeing them as puzzle pieces. It reminds me of the artist who appraises the subject, putting their own hands and fingers or paintbrush in front of their faces at arm’s length to “measure” the subject. 🙂 “My thumb and pointer finger dreaming each piece into place.” 🙂

  4. Love those puzzle clouds, Mish! I also love the alliterative sounds in the lines:
    ‘Beauty mimicked from skies, majestic
    To desolate, desert floors’
    and the imagery in:
    ‘I cushion them gently between
    My thumb and pointer finger
    Dreaming each piece into place’.

  5. A lovely quad and the images are exquisite. Looking at clouds and shadows from an airplane seat is mos def worth the price of admission.

  6. Glenn Buttkus

    I miss out when I fly, always needing an aisle seat. Your beautiful quadrille is the perfect illustration for the prompt. After the second read, a see it as the prologue to a mystery novel or film, rife with layered & hidden meanings.

  7. Wow, I’ve never flown so I’ve never seen this sort of view before, but the photo and the image you paint with your poem are so beautiful that I desperately want to see it for myself.

  8. I like the thought of those clouds roaming in search of home.

  9. Clouds are so tiny when you squint at them 🙂

  10. This is absolutely gorgeous! 💖 Love the use of alliteration in; “Beauty mimicked from skies, majestic
    to desolate, desert floors.” 😊

  11. Clouds are beautiful in so many ways! The shadows on the landscape as seen from the plane are really cool! Very nice poem images!

  12. Clouds as puzzle pieces? Holy cow! Fantastic! Majestic, indeed.
    I loved this prompt, and the way you presented it, Mish. Thank you!

  13. That’s beautiful! I love: dreaming each piece into place.

  14. an atmospheric canvas where the pieces are colours painted by a brush so magnificent that in the eyes, it is a wonderful metaphor to decipher the picture and try to make sense of it all – or not –
    sometimes it’s enough to just suspend the mind and enjoy the gameboard from this perspective!

    I really like how you’ve written this, and word-phrased it so well, so metaphorically – yet so concretely; indeed poet at work, teasing, or puzzling out, a delightfully refreshing poem.

  15. Great imagery. I especially like the last line.

  16. I love how you’ve brought clouds and cushion together, giving the whole poem a light fluffy atmosphere, even while the notion of trying to make sense of the world is a weighty subject. Beautifully done as always, Mish.

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  18. Those cloud shadows do look like puzzle pieces from above! How amazing! I wonder what the finished puzzle looked like. 😊

  19. the sky is the limit in this very creative ekphrastic

  20. Love the message. Freedom dreaming always gets the pieces into place.

  21. Beautiful puzzle you’ve pieced together here with cloud shadows…great prompt, Mish!

  22. What a beautiful write. So dreamlike in its essence.

  23. I love the beautiful dreaminess of this. I can imagine looking out the plane window and daydream about the clouds.

  24. Love it, Mish! Beautiful, imagistic and dreamy!

  25. Thanks for hosting. I can just picture your fingers reaching out to puzzle the clouds into place.

  26. Love it! I’ll think of this on Sat as I’m flying home. Great prompt, Mish.


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