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Life is an itch

And so we scratch

Underlying layers of lies

Shifty sediments of alibis

Searching for the glorious

Sheen of the bedrock

And as the stone cold truth

Stares blatantly

Into the naivety of our eyes

We scramble

To spread the topsoil



dVerse Poets Pub is celebrating 7 years!

We are not feeling the “itch” as we continue to inspire and be inspired by each other.

We are very proud of our Anthology

Chiaroscuro – Darkness and Light, dVerse Anthology, 2017

But yes….”itch” is the word for this week’s Quadrille prompt.

Your lovely host is Grace.









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  1. I like that idea of scratching the layers of lies.

  2. A poignant quadrille Mish, ‘shifty sediments of alibis’ is so true of today’s politicians 🙄

  3. This is my favorite part Mish: Searching for the glorious

    Sheen of the bedrock

    May we continue to inspire each other. Thanks for your support and being part of our dVerse Team. Cheers!

  4. ah the superficial topsoil upon which we all tenuously call our survival “a life”.

  5. I am late to the reading….catching up on our anniversary week’s prompts from Monday, Tuesday and Thursday! I’ll get there by end of weekend.
    I MUST read this one to my geologist husband 🙂
    Loving most especially this
    “Searching for the glorious
    Sheen of the bedrock”
    You surely have a way with words…uncovering comparisons and using imagery to relate them. A wonderful write for the prompt.

  6. Effective use of imagery here – reminds me of the current political state in the U.S. – lots of shifting and covering over.

  7. The opening to this quadrille is absolutely potent. I am still in awe. 💕

  8. it will take a lot of topsoil to fill up the missing strata in that picture (Monument Valley?) in your picture, hehe, scrambling indeed. I love the geological metaphor, it imbues your characterization of missteps and discombobulations with a sense of inevitability that ends up making us scramble desperately. (sigh…) I guess we keep doing the best we can to fill in the gaps. very lovely quadrille!

  9. Wonderful–trying to scratch the itch through all the layers. I enjoyed the geological imagery.

  10. So thought-provoking. On the surface it may seem light because of the rhythm but the underlying reality is quite meaty.


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