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She spoke in scars

Bitterness of broken heart

Sailing with the undertows

Salty sting of ocean tears

Refreshing her pain

There was safety there

Reeling to the beat of

“It’s- not- my- fault”

Making peace with the fog

So she didn’t have to see


Sunlight beckoned but

She reveled in the rain clouds

Trading rainbows for permafrost

Frozen, hard fast in the loss

In time, she’d rewind in the wind

Dust off the grudge and wrath

Wipe the mist from the mirror

To see more than lines on her face

More than the misery of this place

Cue the music

And dance wildly to the light



I am hosting Poetics at dVerse Poets Pub. We are writing to “Life Lessons”. “What is one thing (or more) that you have learned that you feel could change another life? Well at least improve it.” Please share with us in a poem. There is still time to join in. 




















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  1. I love the progression here, from bitterness, to not seeing, to seeing, then dancing wildly in the light.

  2. Love the dusting off the grudge and wrath and dancing wildly in light.

  3. You got it right. Dancing is way better than bitterness , rock on!

  4. This is divine! That use of imagery from nature….smiling I am as we’ve both written about mist. Oh yes………let us all dance wildly to the light! 🙂

  5. Nice line: “Trading rainbows for permafrost”

  6. It takes time… but in the end she rush for the light… really love how it thawed for her.

  7. refreshing her pain, there was safety there – very powerful words and thoughts, we go to a familiar place even though it hurts and shreds us to pieces, every time. Love all the imagery you create with your words.

  8. Love the ending lines ~ Sometimes we create and stay under the smog of pain and wrath ~ Time to turn a new page ~

  9. yes!!! we need to dance and dance and dance…..because new things are unfolding, thanks!

    You can check out my post that relates to this via

  10. Still an amazing writer. Your style is so mesmerizing. I am in awe every time I read a beautiful piece of you. I am honoured you share them. Thank you.


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